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Hi all,

I run a single-target BM zoo build, meaning I don't have Furious Swipes on my relics, etc.

So, in general, when I'm in cleave fights, approx how many consecutive, stacked adds do I need around for Volley to outpace my MoC deeps?

In Heroic Antorus, for instance, it seems like I'd want to swap out MoC for Volley on the 3rd boss - Antoran High Command.  Adds come in packs of 3, plus the boss = 4 targets. (Sometimes less when they die off in the early phases, and the melee guys sometimes charge out of range, but whatever. Multiple adds are a fairly constant presence longer and longer in Heroic pulls.)

I have a small sample size, but the logs don't seem to be in favor of Volley in that fight.

Also, top logs globally seem to show a roughly 50/50 mix of Volley v MoC in the BM builds. 

I know BM isn't a dominant AOE spec, but if Volley isn't great for a 4-target fight, when *IS* it a good talent?



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Volley is worth using for High Command, Eonar and Portal Keeper. I think that's the whole list, out of Antorus bosses. The difference between Volley and Crows is not that large (I think it's around 4% or so), so many players will not care to switch talents for easy early bosses. It might also be less interesting to go Volley if the rest of your group has crazy AoE and the adds melt anyway.

On the same topic, if you find yourself using a lot of Multi-Shot in a fight (and not so much Cobra Shot), you should use Dire Stable instead of Way of the Cobra. Applies for the same bosses.

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