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Professions 7.3 to 8.0 & beyond (what are you thinking)

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I know this is very early, there are rumors of a closed beta of course, but that's not what I'm digging for.

I love professions, honestly the way they used to be, an edge and work to get it.

I'm at that point I have an ungodly amount of AP, I raid casually, (long since retired from a true hardcore scene) 

I've fished, yes sharkform and all of that.

I Engineer, due to lazieness and love of my toys that's going no where.

Most professions are pretty easy to level now, mining may be the one that takes some "work"  

Heck I've dumped chant for tailor and laughably am mining now, It's a nice way to take in the sights and something to do.

The point is, where and/what do you think will happen in BFA?  I know we need Azerite (Artifact Power) 

I wonder if it'll drop from gathering professions?  or will Blizz finally make professions "good" again?  extra sockets and better gems were cool, heck I liked when we had a "drum rotation" and 12 Leatherworkers in Sunwell.

Since I'll probably level each pre BFA I'm debating which to stick with, besides my Engineering.

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I cannot argue over what profession will be better, no way to know here.

Although, i can almost surely say that things such as weird sockets and shit will not return to BfA, for a simple reason : they don't like this.

Why ? Because when you get an item, it doesn't feels like an update, reducing the feeling of reward (because for it to be an actual upgrade you then need 3 gems and enchant and 4 levels of upgrade).

Are professions "good" ? Not really, i wouldn't say they're "bad" either : you may think it was fun, but their point of view if actually quite logical, from the perspective of a developer, trying to please everyone (because yes, while the people pleased don't talk about it (you don't make a thread to say you're happy about something), they're most likely in vast majority)

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I'd love to see FFXIV professions make their way into WoW, honestly. Having proper crafting "guilds" to add a bit of lore and special feeling to the professions would be awesome. 

Adding some kind of mini-game for it would be great too. You could compete within your crafting guild to be the top craftsmen of the week. If you achieve it, you get a special cloak or something (similar to the skill cloaks in Runescape) that shows you were the top Blacksmith of the guild that week. Just give it a bit of replayability and fun rather than AFKing while I finish off a few crafts.

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