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  • Missed casts of Phoenix and Fire Blast (10-20% missed on both).
  • Only 4 uses of Combustion. Missing 1 due to delaying/pre-casting can be fine, but you've missed a full use on top of that.
  • You wasted 34 Hot Streak procs (BIG ISSUE).
  • There is no real reason for high downtime as Fire - Scorch makes up for movement, so cast it when you need to move.


  • All the same problems as above. Still huge waste on Hot Streak procs.
  • Only new problem was that you only had 2 uses of your trinket, Tarnished Sentinel, out of a possible 3-4. 


  • All same problems as Hasabel.

It seems like every kill has the same issues, pretty much. Work on those 5 points and you should be seeing your DPS going up. The biggest problem is you wasting your Hot Streak procs. That's just throwing away DPS.

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Basically what Blainie is writing.

Missing 1 Hot Streak due to bad intermissions or something on a boss, but 34 is just wild.

You also got holes in time were you dont do anything for up to 7-8 seconds, prep-plan better, know your enviroment and what the boss is about to do to shorten down on the downtime.

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