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Dk assistance and

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Hi there :) i. Actually new to DK. Wanting to know whats the best way to level, whats the best server to join.. what spec is best for leveling amd so much more.. please assist :)

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This is a pretty broad question, but I'll do my best.

Just now, Jefango said:

Wanting to know whats the best way to level

If it's your first character, just quest through the zones and make sure you do all the quest objectives to complete each Legion zone, since you need it for Pathfinder/flying. You'll do each dungeon once to complete zones.

1 minute ago, Jefango said:

whats the best server to join

This is completely dependent on what region (EU/US/OC/CN/KR), what you want to do (PvP/PvE/RP), what faction you want to play (Horde/Alliance).

2 minutes ago, Jefango said:

what spec is best for leveling

You can level as any of the 3 - it's a good time to learn what you want to play at max level. Blood for tanking, UH/Frost for DPS.

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A bit of a specific addition but it's something I did that helped me a lot:

A new alt is a great time to start keybinding if you don't already.

Start binding each new ability as you level to a key around your movement keys.

This way a long time clicker can work new actions into muscle memory more easily as trying to transition on your main with all the necessary abilities is too much in a lot of cases.

I have begun a new hunter alt for this reason alone and it's very effective.

Also, if it applies, try to bind a set of 4 or 5 main abilities to the same keys on all your alts... keep the same keys for resource generators and spenders.. eg; runic power, combo points, focus, chi, etc. There are many exceptions, but if you try to use that template you will find switching much easier.

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I would say that for questing and such, frost is the best for the lower levels and the burst it provides easily decimates mobs and the like.

Blood is great for dungeon running, has many great tools to just blast through the lower level dungeons with ease, and handles the upper level ones as well with little to no trouble once you get the spec down.

Unholy gets great for leveling at the upper levels when things start to get more hp, which allows unholy to ramp up its damage more effectively.


After leveling, it's a matter of preference and what you like. Unholy scales better than frost still in the late game, so if you want more damage, go for unholy. Blood is a viable tank and fun to play. 

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