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Ads taking Chrome CPU usage to 100%

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I just tested with maybe 10 tabs of icy veins open and all fine for me.

But another issue sometimes ads disappear then on their place is just nothing. :D

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I often have multiple tabs of Icy Veins open (including now) and I have never experienced any problems with CPU usage. Does that happen with any other sites, @Entropy?

Either way, I will let Damien know.

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Thank you for your report and our apologies for this. Could you please post screenshots of these ads and tell me in a private message from which country/state you are browsing from and on which kind of device (ads shown to readers will differ based on a number of criteria, which is why positiv2 and caldyrvan are not seeing the same ads as yours). Our provider is using the best 3rd party tools to filter bad ads, but as you can see it isn't perfect and bad ads eventually manage to find their way into our rotation. So, I need the aforementioned pieces of information from you so we can reproduce what you're experiencing and ban these ads.

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