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Language of BM talents (Mystical Vitality)

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Hello everyone, 

I wanted to get the world's opinion on the language of some of the talents in the Brew Master Kit, mostly pertaining to the stagger effect for magic damage. 

Stagger mitigates 40% of the incoming physical damage. The Talent says that it does so for magic at 40% effectiveness. Which would mean that stagger mitigates 16% incoming magic damage, correct? Using that logic, does the Mystical Vitality talent, therefore, increase staggered magic dmg to 56% or would it instead add 40% of 16%, which would total 22.4% magic dmg staggered? I haven't tested in game but I would have assumed its the latter situation where it's adding 40% more effective staggering of 40% effectiveness of 40% staggered damage. 


Thanks guys n gals and... pandas.



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On 12/12/2017 at 3:54 PM, Skittastic said:

After looking at the tooltip, I think I'm right. It shows 56% effectiveness as compared to 40% physical stagger. Therefore it would be 22.4% magic damage staggered

You're correct.

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