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These are my logs



These are the logs I'm comparing to



My Armory



Their Armory



So the fight length is very similar and the spells cast are almost identical but his starsurge is hitting on average for 1m higher than mine. I have a weapon trait that increases the crit chance of Starsurge by 24% yet it only crit 28% of the time while his crit on average 65% of the time, was this just bad rng on my part and good on his part? Does the massive int difference tier21 and rng make the difference, or was there another reason for my low damage?

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So, your logs are actually really good. There's very little to improve on. You overcap on AP a tiny amount, wasting a minute amount (4-5 AP). Other than that, you miss one Half Moon cast right at the end of the fight on Vari. That's pretty much the only issue. On Kin, you overcap empowerments once. That's it.

Given that you're dead on Kin, I'll focus on Vari and compare there.

Firstly, gear. You're comparing with someone that is 11 item levels higher than you are. They're always going to be performing better than you, especially since they are still very well itemised. They are maintaining T20 set bonus while using Mythic pieces, while you drop down to normal/heroic gear to keep it. 

What do your NLC relics look like? Are you rolling well on your relics or are they weak outside of the main trait?

They were incredibly lucky with crits on Starsurge (this is the case in almost every top log and differentiates the top 10 - who got luckiest with their pull time, crits, etc.).

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On 12/19/2017 at 9:20 PM, HeavenPierce said:

Good to hear it's mainly gear and outside factors that are making such a difference though.

It can definitely feel pretty bad when you perform well but lose out to basic stuff, but that's part of playing! Top parses are always on the lucky side of crits/procs etc.

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