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Hello i was hoping someone could take a look over my logs to see if i'm doing something wrong. I personally think i'm doing everything right but i cant seem to get my DPS up and i'm always almost at the bottom of the logs. Any help would be awesome! 


logs for recent raid 


log page for toon 


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Looking at Garothi:

  • You didn't use your Owl trinket once in the entire fight. There's no point equipping it if you're never going to cast it. You could have had 3 casts of it and done a lot more damage.
  • Despite you being dead for the last 30 seconds of the fight, you have poor uptime on Sunfire. You were dead for around 9% of the fight, meaning you still missed around 6% uptime on Sunfire.
  • Same goes for Moonfire, missing about 4% uptime, ignoring the death.
  • Why are you casting your moons so infrequently? You're missing 2-3 casts of each of them (new, half, full) simply because you are delaying them for so long. 


  • Exactly same problems as on Garothi. You, once again, never used your trinket. This is a massive DPS loss.

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