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Fury DPS Help

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Your Guildie should get a Convergence of Fate trinket.

Additionally his FS casts are too much. Sometimes 3x in a row which is a total dps loss.

The BC rotation is sometimes messed up when he uses 2x FS while BC is active.

He still uses T20 which favors Helm+pants as legendarys. I recommend him to read this guide from Archi about T20 which will probably solve his rotational issues:


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On Garothi, he also moves way too early. There's no need to move from the slam that early as Warrior, you can literally just leap and Charge back in. Instead he spends 7-8 seconds running to the back and just kind of waiting, doing nothing, for the slam to hit.

Also, why he is barely casting RB while using Inner Rage? Assuming movement from mechanics, he probably missed 15-20 casts of it. It's probably what he is replacing with FS uses, as Milka said. FB > FS with IR.

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