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[Hero Concept] Eirena, Aloof Enchantress

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Felt like sharing a Hero Concept for Eirena, as I feel she's the best of the three D3 followers that could make it into HotS.

Here's how I'd make her. Take appropriate NaCl.



Eirena is a ranged Support who specializes in crowd controls and tweaking fights in her team's favor. While she lacks healing capabilities, her shields and various effects - including the ability to dispel enemy buffs - can easily turn fights in her team's favor.


  • Adaptable via talent choices
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Relatively safe casting range
  • Can purge enemy buffs/debuffs
  • Can have surprising single-target burst via talents
  • Cute


  • Lacks healing
  • Fragile
  • Lacks mobility
  • Weak to poke
  • Poor waveclear


(subject to changes)

Trait - Illumination
After using an ability, Eirena's next basic attack will reveal its target for a short time and apply a debuff that lowers the target's damage output by X% briefly.

Q - Mystical Shield
Eirena briefly shields an ally, absorbing up to X damage. If this shield is destroyed by damage, it detonates to deal damage and slow nearby enemies. Short cooldown.

W - Disenchant
Eirena purges magic from a target allied or enemy Hero, removing all non-Heroic debuffs from an ally and granting them bonus Spell Armor for a short time, or removing non-Heroic buffs from an enemy and reducing their Spell Armor temporarily.

E - Charm
Eirena sends out a skillshot that Charms the first enemy Hero it hits, dealing minor damage and causing them to walk harmlessly toward her for a short time.

R1 - Mass Hex
Eirena creates a swell of magic anywhere on the map that, after a short delay, Polymorphs all enemies in the AOE. At level 20, Mass Hex's cooldown can be improved, and it inflicts a longer Polymorph to enemies in the center of the AOE.

R2 - Focusing Lens
Eirena enchants an area on the ground for a limited time. Allies in this AOE have their cooldowns accelerated and gain bonus attack speed. Effects end immediately upon leaving the AOE. At level 20, Eirena can upgrade Focusing Lens to be able to cast it again, at no cost, within a short time period.

Hero Synergy

Eirena synergizes well with teammates who lack crowd controls but have high damage, since she has the opposite (poor damage, great CC). She's quite good to have in virtually any team, but players must remember that she can't heal, so Eirena's teammates need to provide their own sustain. She is also very handy to have if your team is depending on a core player to deal damage, as she can shield them and remove any debuffs afflicting them. Good teammates would include Zul'jin, Raynor, or Varian.

Hero Counters

Eirena is very squishy and lacks mobility, making her an easy snipe for diving assassins like Illidan, Kerrigan, or Greymane. Stealths are a tad less problematic since Eirena can take "More Hidden Footprints!" early on to give her access to an anti-stealth sweep. Eirena's lack of healing capabilities also makes her vulnerable to poke, so she can have trouble in lane against opponents like Nazeebo or Lunara. Alarak is another hero who can give Eirena a lot of grief, having several abilities that can shut her down and kill her in a hurry.

Talent Ideas


More Hidden Footprints!
Active: Allows Eirena to reveal an area of the map for a brief time (item slot). Detects cloaked enemies.
Quest: Applying Illumination to enemy Heroes increases its damage debuff by 0.5%, stacking up to an extra 10%. Progress is lost upon death. Upon completing the quest, increase the duration of Illumination by 1 second, and progress is no longer lost.

Cute Mage
Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with Charm. Upon completing the quest, allows Charm to pierce through enemies.

Bursting Their Bubble
Quest: Damage enemy Heroes using the explosion from Mystical Shield. Upon completing the quest, increases the blast radius and damage of Mystical Shield's explosion.

Galvanizing Ward
When Mystical Shield breaks to damage, it applies an additional shield to its target for 2 seconds. Only occurs once per casting. This second shield does not detonate if broken.

Deadly Kiss
If Eirena attacks an enemy Hero she has Charmed, she deals bonus damage and extends the Charm duration. Only works once per casting.

Breaking their Hearts
Charm reduces the armor of Heroes it affects for its duration.

Charm deals bonus damage if there are no other enemy Heroes within X range of your target.

Invigorating Gemstone
Disenchant now makes target allies Unstoppable for 1 second. This does not apply to Eirena.

Skin Ideas
Star Princess Eirena - Similar design to Star Princess Li-Ming. Defaults to a baby-blue color (ala Sailor Mercury).
High Elf Eirena - Looks like a High Elf from Warcraft.

I'm definitely in need of more talent ideas, so feel free to suggest some.

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On 12/23/2017 at 10:04 AM, Fliits said:

Amazing idea. The passive could maybe be more useful, but the concept seems neat.

The passive is meant to be subtle but potent. Reducing an enemy's damage when they go in for a dive can absolutely wreck their attempt and let your teammate survive, then you can punish the attacker. It can be a bit trickier to use optimally, but in skilled hands I anticipate that Eirena's trait will be very strong.

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Added another talent idea: Invigorating Gemstone. This one would allow Disenchant to make an allied Hero Unstoppable for a second, which sounds broken, but I'd only allow it as a Storm-tier talent (level 20).

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