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need help with trinket choice pls

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hey guys, i turn to you in need of some help concerning the choice of both trinkets.


im a destro lock with ilvl around 534 using still 4 set t15 and in need of your input on choosing 2 trinkets.


what i currently have are the following :


-Relic of Yu'lon (484 ilvl)

-Wushoolay's final choice (502 ilvl)

-Essence of Terror (483 ilvl)

-Uneering Vision of Lei Shen (510 ilvl)

-Kadris Toxic Totem (528 ilvl)


so, between those 5, which would u choose ?


thank you kindly in advance

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Personal choice would be KTT and WFC. YB is great for destro but not worth usong the 496 version over the other two. And KTT is another amazing trink. Far as I know it's garrosh trink, KTT and Purified Binding of Immersus as the top three BIS

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Dan is correct. There is no trinket choice here, just two excellent trinkets and a bunch of stuff you should save for challenge modes. Wush and KTT are excellent. Purified Bindings are BiS for all casters, and KTT is BiS for Destro. Black Blood is arguably BiS for Demo, and definitely BiS for Aff, so until you get Bindings or Black Blood, stick with Wush, since its proc is amazing.

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