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[Balance] help me with some logs pls

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Hey first this post is for my Girlfriend we raid together me as Warrior she as balance. Her rankings on Warcraftlogs aren't as high as she could get with her gear which makes her sad maybe you can give her some tips.

Aoe (Portal Keeper, we were very aoe heavy down on the platform Fury, Ele, Feral in addition to the her. And it was our firstkill)


Single Target ( Garothi)



Edit: updated logs with rekills from today.


I would love to help her out with her rotation but I have no clue about playing balance. I am all into charging!

Any help / tips appreciated thx for your time


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On 12/20/2017 at 7:18 AM, Zhosay said:

Any help / tips appreciated thx for your time

Quite late on this (sorry - holidays!), but for Garothi:

  • Logs overall look OK.
  • Moonfire uptime dropped to 96% - keep it above 98%.
  • Capped Solar once, Lunar 4 times. Keep an eye on empowerments to make sure you're not capping unnecessarily. 
  • Wasted 14 AP in the fight. 
  • Missed one New Moon and one Full Moon cast due to delaying the casts.
  • Spends multiple periods casting nothing for 7-8 seconds. This is due to mechanics, but should be handled better. Either fill with a spammable no-cast or hold procs when you know movement is coming (don't hold for too long).

Should get them parsing above 80-85 if they can fix these things.

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On 12/30/2017 at 9:56 PM, Zhosay said:

Hey thanks for taking the time :), its a nice community here. I forwarded your tips to her.

Wish you a great start in the new year.

The same to you and if you need more help, just post again! :)

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