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Desperate and frustrated...Fury Trinkets and Crit

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Hi all! I've been playing Fury since the start of MoP... Needless to say its been a nightmare of gear scaling with trying to get consistent Bloodthirst Crits and maintain my usual spot as top DPS in our raiding guild.

My 2 problems are: When will enough Crit be enough crit!? And what to do with Trinkets when crit still seems to be an issue.

Most importantly: I'm currently ilvl 547 Fury with an unbuffed Crit Chance of 35.68%. Raid buffed that brings me to 40.68% Crit, or 81.36% Bloodthirst Crit... But yet I'm still having an EXTREMELY difficult time getting Bloodthirst to Crit!!! I'm aware of the Crit-Suppression bosses have, but in a typical 6min fight, I usually have about 5 to 10 different 30second windows in which Bloodthirst WILL NOT CRIT. Often times it will be 3 or 4 back to back Bloodthirst that do not Crit, leaving me unenraged, berserker rage on CD, and no Raging Blows.

WHEN will enough Crit be enough Crit!? At this point, the diminishing returns on Crit is so bad that its hard to raise it much higher, especially with the over abundance of Haste/Mastery gear in SoO that is lower Crit than many ToT pieces. Am I doing something wrong? (Yes I'm attacking from behind, hit expertise softcapped, etc)

Second, and this stems off the first issue, I can not bring myself to get rid of my Gaze of the Twins LFR trinket and use one of the new SoO Trinkets, even though I have all but the Paragons trinket. Problem being, as I said in my first issue, if I replace Gaze of the Twins, even though its crappy LFR version, ALL of the new trinkets leave me at a DPS loss because i cant get Bloodthirst to crit consistently. If Bloodthirst Crits were not an issue, then these trinkets could give me an astonishing DPS boost, but I'm worse off using them than when I keep my LFR ToT trinket. What should i do!?

(Finally, i did some testing, with raid buffs, pots, elixers, food, regemming, and 3 stacks of Gaze of the Twins crit proc, i can get over 104% Bloodthirst Crit Chance and IT STILL DOESNT CRIT SOMETIMES! (?). Not joking at all. This is not an addon issue thats causing the crit to display as a noncrit, because enrage and raging blow do not activate either.

Am i just broken? Or have other Fury Warriors had this happen to them too? Even last week during Thok, i had 49.96% Crit Chance with my Gaze of the Twins procs (double that for bloodthirst) and i had 4 back to back Bloodthirsts fail to Crit.


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To answer your first question: Around 45% unbuffed crit is "enough" if you don't have thok's tail tip trinket. If you have that trinket, there is no such thing as enough crit.


Also, there's no DR on crit: it's 600 rating for 1% crit.


More often than not, an SoO piece with no crit isn't going to be better than an ToT piece with crit, unless it's a tier piece that gives you your 2p bonus or it's a 30+ ilvl upgrade.


Unlucky BT streaks will always happen: Even with 43% crit unbuffed i still ahve those pacthes from time to time; that's what Berserker Rage is for.


As far as trinkets go, if you have both Galakras and Thok's one, equip them ASAP. They definitely are *not* a DPS loss. As I said, if you're getting too many unlucky streaks, it's probably a non optimal Berserker Rage use.


Finally, the crit dampening on raid bosses is 3% so you actually need so you actually need 53% crit to guarantee a BT crit.

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Thank you ragebarr! I do use Berserker Rage 90% to the T with IcyVein's Fury Guide, taking all things into account such as time left on BT cooldown, # of RB stacks during a fresh CS, current enrage uptime, being enraged for trinket procs and major cooldowns, etc. I find the times I do use it "sparatically" would be a BT that didn't Crit, no RB stacks going into a CS, and CS didn't Crit. I'll then either use Berserker Rage to get that enrage during CS, or I'll hold off CS all together until I know I'll be going into it enraged and with RB(s). My issue is AFTER that... The 30 seconds of no berserker rage where its just nonstop BTs that won't Crit. Quite literally at ilvl 547 I have fights at 230k DPS and fights at 160k DPS with no changes to buffs, encounter/boss, rotation, or gear - purely based on how bad RNG wants to hate me... And it hates me more than the math of BT's double Crit Chance says it should.

And I did not know there is no DR on Crit, I would assume after spending an entire expansion being forced to toss higher ilvl gear in favor of higher Crit gear, only to see Crit go up fractions of a % at a time can make it seem like having DR. Thank you for that though.

ASSUMING that the BT issue will fix itself with better gear, is Evil Eye + Thok's Tail Tip the way to go in 5.4 for Fury above all else for single-target DPS? And would taking TG at an ilvl LOSS of 4ilvls on MH vs SMF's MH being 4 ilvls higher (same OH) be worth it simply for the huge increase in secondary stats ? Or based on other posts, would it be more advisable only to switch to TG after having an equal or higher ilvl MH as my SMF MH, regardless of secondary stats?

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME! You are a God amoung Warriors Ragebarr!!!

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Yeah, Crit has no DR, but it is one of the most expensive stats in the game (600 pts for 1%, as I said, vs ~430 pts for 1% mastery and ~285 pts for 1% haste) but it is still our best stat.


Also, the only place when I ever used Berserker Rage before my crit got ridiculously high (I think there's 2 pieces I have atm that don't have crit on them baseline) was if I got into a CS with neither the BT or CS having crit (so I wasn't enraged) or if my BT during the CS window didn't crit and I needed another Rb to finish that CS.


Also, remember to hold one RB charge as much as you can. What that means is is you only have 1 RB charge and you're ont within a Colossus Smash window, try and save it for the next colossus Smash. If you see that it's going to drop before you get to CS (for exepmple it has less than 3 seconds left and your last BT didn't crit) then you can use it, but only do so if it won't make it to the next CS. Also, if oyu hav ex2 Rb charges outside of CS then you can use 1 freely.


To get to your last paragraph, Evil Eye + Thok's Tail Tip are definitely BiS on every single fight this tier (the cleave trinket is actually slightly better for Galakras but I wouldn't bother grabbing a trinket for 1 fight only). If you have Evil Eye, you want to grab Storm Bolt as your T6 talent (for single target) and use it on every CS (Basically BT -> CS -> Storm Bolt -> RB -> BT -> RB [while getting in your Heroic Strikes as usual]).


As far as your weapons go, you're in a tricky spot. Usually, you wait until you have equivalent ilvl weapons to switch to TG, but this tier TG is actually getting reptty far ahead of SMF, and especially if there is crit on your 2h weapons it might help you with your "BT badluck". What would help here is a link to your toon and the weapons you are considering using. That way I could get a better idea of which would be better for you.


Hope this help,



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