Battle Cry + Bloodthirst = No enrage?

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How does Battle Cry actually work? Does the 100% crit chance guarantee a crit? I ask because I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong to boost my DPS and noticed today, multiple times, while working on the Raid dummy I was not enraging when I expected to due to Battle Cry being up. 


I created a short clip that shows this happening:  



Is this normal or a bug?

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Good morning, Digimij:

First off: Battle CryBattle Cry: "Lets loose a battle cry, granting 100% increased critical strike chance for 5 sec." The point I want to emphasize here to you is the duration: five (5) seconds. That time goes by very quickly and it's quite easy to miss the fact that you actually lost the buff.

For general purposes, here is how it affects my personal Critical Strike chance. (It increases it by 100%, as intended, but I'm in a very thorough mood this morning.)


As you can see, prior to the buff I have a Critical Strike chance of 16.40% and when I use Battle CryBattle Cry, it goes up to a comfortable 116.40% chance.

I watched your video quite a few times actually and eventually took it frame by frame (second by second) and watched your buffs and your ability use. Here's the breakdown:

  • Your first use of Battle Cry (around the 8 second mark): It does appear that you pop BC and immediately follow it up with BT that doesn't refresh your Enrage buff. I watched this multiple times and not quite sure why it didn't do that. Your second cast of BT, however, literally at the last second of the BC buff, did Enrage you as expected.
  • Your second use of Battle Cry (around the 40 second mark): Your first use of BT does Enrage you as expected. However by the time you use BT again you had lost the BC buff. (Again, that 5 seconds goes really quick)
  • Your last use of Battle Cry (around the 1:20 mark): You used BC but waited 3 GCDs before using BT so you only got one use in this window and it, too, doesn't Enrage you.

As of this posting, I'm not 100% sure why Bloodthirst didn't give or refresh your Enrage buff. I am talking with someone who is more experienced than me in all the mathematical aspects of this game and theorycrafting; when he gets back to me I'll let you know what he says.

In the meantime, however, I also made a video for testing purposes. During my testing, I used Battle Cry 5 times and, in each buff window, was able to use Bloodthirst twice. (I specifically tested this combination out; no other abilities were used during each window). All 10 uses of BT gave me Enrage and refreshed the buff on the second cast. For reference, here is my video (make sure it's full screen and you're watching it with the HD setting, lol)

Within each cast of Battle Cry (visible buff thanks to Tell Me When addon), you can see I cast BT twice. The first use gives me Enrage and the second use refreshes the buff. During the downtime of Battle Cry, I speed the video up to move it along. There are 5 uses of Battle Cry in this video:

I hope this helps you out a little. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll update with any new information as I get it. To my understanding / knowledge, using BT during your BC window should Enrage you / refresh Enrage. Why it didn't in your video is, as of this posting, unknown to me.


Edit: Answer obtained!

Watching your video again and talking with Warriorsarri on the Warrior Discord, it's actually quite easy to explain why your BT uses didn't Enrage you, lol.

You're standing in front of the Lesser Sparring Partner.

By standing in front of the dummy, you're giving it the chance to block your BT. If BT is blocked it won't give Enrage even if it does crit.

Check your video at the observed times that BT didn't Enrage you as noted above:

  • 8 second mark: "Your Bloodthirst hit Lesser Sparring Partner 96,220 Physical. (41,237 Blocked)"
  • 1:24 mark: "Your Bloodthirst hit Lesser Sparring Partner 70,274 Phsyical. (30,118 Blocked)"

As a melee DPS, you always want to prioritize standing behind your target. I think if you try this again you'll find your BT (when you actually have the BC buff) will Enrage you as it should when you're properly behind your target.

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Thanks for the very thorough response! I did note in the description on the video (but failed to mention here, sorry) that I noticed attacks were being blocked, including the BT. I was initially under the impression (before this testing and your response) that 100% crit chance was a guaranteed critical strike, I didn't think a 100% crit chance could be blocked and I couldn't find anything on the googles to verify if this was possible (searching anything with the words critical and block in the same search brings up critical block...). It made sense to me that the critical strike could be blocked to mitigate damage, but I thought it would/should still be considered a critical strike (minus some damage) to trigger enrage. 


While working on my DPS issues I did read that standing in front would cause blocks and parries, so I've modified that which has helped quit a lot, but I guess I need to continue to work on figuring out hit boxes and what is considered the "front" of a character. This has been an area of concern for my prot spec as well; I'm never 100% sure who is in range of my revenge, etc.. I thought I was far enough to the side of the dummy in the vid to not be considered in front.


I guess this is perfect confirmation for a question brought up during a raid about melee no longer needing to be behind a boss to dps, someone thought you could be in front now due to changes, but I wasn't sure (I quit after BC, came back for legion, lots changed...).


Thanks again!



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41 minutes ago, digimij said:

I guess I need to continue to work on figuring out hit boxes and what is considered the "front" of a character.

I can help you out with that, too!

Today we'll call on Bob. He's a pretty friendly male vykrul. We disturbed his beauty sleep so he sort of came to class without clothes but, hey, he'll still serve his purpose.

Here is Bob and an imaginary hitbox drawn around him:


So, in his little hitbox here, anything in the RED part would be considered Bob's "front". Anything in the GREEN part would be considered Bob's "back". The black line that separates these two is a very fine line and you can, if you stand on it, very rapidly change from being in front of Bob to being behind Bob and vice versa.

Today Bob was beaten up by two warriors. (This would be you and me). Let's look at the positioning of us in relation to Bob when we were beating him up:


As an estimated guess by our respective videos, the YELLOW dot is your position in relation to Bob and the BLUE dot is my position in relation to Bob. You can see that you are clearly in front of him while I am behind him.

The next issue would be determining which way a creature is facing if it's not as easy to tell such as Bob here. Since your return, Legion has added a tiny indicator to show players which way a mob is facing. You can see it pointed out here. (For this demonstration we went to see Bob while he was at work so, obviously, he was fully dressed.)


The size of this little indicator changes based on the size of your target's hitbox. It can be tiny or it can be rather large; you just have to look for it.


Disclaimer: My sarcasm here is purely for comedy; I am not insulting your intelligence or talking down to you (or anyone else who reads this). I'm in a really good mood today so I figured I'd have fun with this thread while helping you (or anyone else who reads this).

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perfect! Thank you very much! I had no idea it was a straight line through, there goes my theory of being able to stand to their side. I'll just start stabbing them in the butt again when possible :}

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Me again...wasn't sure if I should post this as a separate forum post, or keep this here as it's relevant to the previous discussions above.

I've been doing my best to follow the guidance above, trying to keep behind my target, and so far it has helped quite a bit as I'm now not seeing any issues with battlecry + bloodthirst not triggering, but I'm still not getting anywhere near where I should be for my stats/iLvl. One major issue I can see is I have poor overall enrage uptime, which is naturally tied to crits with bloodthirst as we've been talking about above (which is why I thought this maybe belonged here).

I've been looking at logs and comparing to other fury warriors who are drastically out DPSing me and I'm having a hard time figuring out why I'm having so few bloodthirst crits outside of battle cry compared to the other warriors. My first thought was I simply need more crit, but when comparing logs I see that I actually have more crit, in some instances, considerably more, which leads me back here.

I guess my general question is, how is critical chance calculated? Is it simply a value based off Crit alone? This doesn't seem correct to me due to my lack of crits with a higher crit value. Is there some RNG variable also tied to this? If so, is it static? Tied to location relative to boss? Unfortunately, I can't find a way to determine the direction a boss is facing on warcraft logs, but in many of the Fury POV videos I've watched they aren't sitting right on the butt the whole time, bouncing around to the front, side, as needed and they still have considerably higher DPS than myself.

All of the high ranking Fury warriors have a very high enrage uptime, and when looking at their logs I'm seeing this is due to a very high rate of off-battle cry bloodthirst crits. Is it all simply a placement issue? 

(The logs linked below have queries set up showing enrage in dark grey, with bloodthirst crits in the window as well)

To give an example, I've been comparing my logs to Hamborkers. In this set of logs, we are very close in Crit, with me having 125 more crit, but in ~2.5 minute window he had 19 bloodthirst crits to my 6... (this is including battle cry casts too). And comparing my same log to this log for hamborker, even though he died, while alive he had 15 crits to my 6 (same ~2.5 minute window) and I had nearly 1100 more crit. 

The only thing that makes any sense to me here is either the RNG gods hate me, or your crit chance drops to nothing if you are anywhere near what is considered the front even if you're not blocked (and I don't know what to do about that if tanks don't point the booty out/away from miasma, etc)

Thanks in advance for any insight!




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Unfortunately it is a bit RNG based whether or not you get a Crit despite your levels. If you assume a 25% crit chance then that naturally means 1/4 chances, if RNG is good to you, should crit. It doesn't mean it always will. This is also assuming that you're standing behind the boss to avoid blocked Bloodthirsts (and also assumes you're not counting Battle Cry). Also keep in mind this RNG does not have diminishing returns; there is no "bad luck protection" for this. Every single cast of Bloodthirst has a 1/4 chance of being a crit.

With this in mind, you'll want to try and weave your Enrage buffs if possible. If Bloodthrist procs and you get your Enrage AND you have enough rage to cast Rampage - hold off for a GCD or two before you cast it (unless you're rage capped then you want to cast it regardless). If the unique situation presents itself, you can extend that Enrage buff to 6 or 7 seconds instead of overwriting it and only having it 5 - 6 seconds. With Battle Cry and appropriate haste, you can get two BT casts in; one at the beginning and one at the end which will give you up to 7 or 8 seconds... which if you can keep in mind the points above and extend it with Rampage... can mean 10 - 11 seconds of straight Enrage (not counting your chances at BT procs as well). The best way to practice this is, again, dummy work.

Lastly - Fury seems to be built around the Execute ring. That, tied with Massacre, can add substantial time to your Enrage uptime and it has great synergy with the +10 rage on Enrage helm.

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you may want to consider Arms. Even the best performing Fury Warriors in mind, Fury is at the bottom of the polls in performance in both Heroic and Mythic content. This is progressively improving in Mythic ToV and may even be better in Nighthold but, for the time being, Arms is the shining spec for Warriors:

With the 80th percentile in mind, check the following charts:

I personally enjoy Fury but I also recognize the difference between it and Arms. Keep working at Fury, however, if it's your enjoyed spec. Practice and dummy time will help improve muscle memory. Legendaries also help if you have them and, as noted above, the Fury rotation seems to be heavily built around Ayala's Stone HeartAyala's Stone Heart. Outside of this, it's just practice, Enrage uptime, and avoiding overwriting your Enrage buff if at all possible.

For general purpose, I'll run combat log on a test dummy with my gear (I have the two worst Legendaries) and I'll see what my Enrage uptime is.

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Alright. . . so I ran two parses against the Raider's Training Dummy in Skyhold. I did not use any food, flask, runes, or potions. I simply managed the rotation standing behind the dummy (including the use of CDs). You can see the logs in the respective links below and, in addition, you can see the RNG difference.

Both of these runs I maintained the same rotation as close to possible. There are probably mistakes here and there and, without using a stop watch, I tried getting them to as close to the same time frame as possible.

  • 1st Pull: (4:16 in duration): 61.01% Enrage: WCL Link
  • 2nd Pull: (3:54 in duration): 70.48% Enrage: WCL Link

I do not have my legendary ring nor helm. Unfortunately I have the 1% healing wrists and the absorb shield neck piece (lol). As such, though, my stats are as follows:

  • Haste: 23.13%
  • Mastery: 45.40%
  • Crit: 13.62%


Keep in mind this is me standing still. Obviously we do not get to do this while raiding, lol. Mobility and awareness takes precedence while fighting a boss. This is where muscle memory and rotation knowledge comes into play. You need to have it down in memory; your thought process needs to be focused on what to do; not your rotation. Most often times I find warriors (and players, in general), struggling because their focus is on their rotation instead of the encounter. Being ready for add switches, standing out of fire, getting across the room, etc... all those can affect downtime on important buffs and damage done if 50% of your focus is on your rotation.

Keep at it, though. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.


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Thanks for the response. I have realized it would probably just be best if I swapped to arms as I can get nearly the same DPS output on dummies/mobs with Arms, just by smashing buttons without too much thought, as I do with my current 100% focused on trying to do everything right Fury numbers, which is really depressing. 


I also do know that Fury is super execute dependent and the Legendary ring would be (in theory) a huge boost, but taking that into account I've been trying to only really compare against other Fury warriors who don't have the ring, and really focusing more on rotation/casts differences between them and me.


At the moment though, I'm more concerned with figuring out why things aren't working than I am about the actual DPS numbers, if that makes sense. Even though everything I'm saying essentially starts with my DPS is low, the actual concern here is I can't figure out a logical reason for it. I've read everything I can find, I obsess over logs, watch all the POV vids I can for placement, etc. and with all that I just don't see a glaring logical explanation. Well, with the pretty big exception being bloodthirst criticals.


Also I do want to stress that I do know I need to try and not overwrite enrages, the issue here I'm trying to figure out isn't overwrites, it's the lack of procs. 


*responding to your latest post here that I cross-posted after*

I didn't know you could log dummy sessions! That would be pretty helpful to see what I see there vs real world. 


Just to reiterate, I'm not too worried about rotation, etc. Just trying to figure out why I only see 6 criticals when another person sees 19 (and comparing to another user, same timeframe, they had 15 to my 6)


Thanks again!

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Rereading your first response to this new question line I just realized you may have answered the basic question there. Are you saying crit chance is a static 25% for everyone regardless of crit level? Or was that just a made up number? Maybe I'm looking at crit incorrectly assuming it affects chance, but instead only modifies damage of a crit?

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*also want to make a quick note that this isn't just one fight I'm referring to. Every fight compared between the two of us has a very drastic difference in the number of bloodthirst criticals (this is easy to see in the manual queries I have applied/displayed in the linked logs). I didn't realize until today, after figuring out how to do that, just how infrequent it was happening for me (relative to others). 

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8 minutes ago, digimij said:

Are you saying crit chance is a static 25% for everyone regardless of crit level? Or was that just a made up number?

It was a made up number.

The bottom line is it's RNG based. If you're doing everything right that you can possibly do and you're not getting your procs off BT then it's just bad RNG.

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39 minutes ago, Sajakain said:

The bottom line is it's RNG based. If you're doing everything right that you can possibly do and you're not getting your procs off BT then it's just bad RNG.

Ugg that makes me so sad :} WoW RNG has been specifically written to make me cry myself to sleep, I'm sure of it...


I'm very glad you linked your target dummy parses! I had no idea you could do that before: if loggerhead didn't automatically do it for me i was lost...it's been really frustrating not being able to compare perfect conditions to reality which has made this whole "debug" process incredibly difficult. Now that I know and figured out how...ran 3 parses.

After these first two parses (with no food/pot buffs) WCL1 & WCL2, I was sure my problem was just a placement issue and not really RNG hating me as I was seeing constant BT crits, but then the third parse (fully buffed) WCL3, had the awful huge gaps of no BT crits confirming RNG sucks.

I can't express how happy I am about learning I can log dummy work. I never would have believed RNG would have such a huge impact on crit like this without seeing it for myself.

Thanks again for all your help!


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Dehaka (suggested build) Absurdly strong self-sustain through Essence Collection and Adaptation. Tissue Regeneration (1) provides more essence, which translates in more healing. It also adds passive extra life regeneration. One-Who-Collects (4) and Hero Stalker (4) both provide additional means of getting essence, therefore allowing Dehaka to self-sustain himself faster. Essence Claws (20) provides additional essence as long Dehaka Basic Attacks Heroes. Buffs that increases his Attack Speed further improve his essence gathering. Change Is Survival (20) further boosts the healing from Adaptation. Diablo (suggested physical build; suggested ability build) Diablo by default has a powerful self-sustain as his health progressively increases as he gathers souls for Black Soulstone. After his rework, Diablo has gained a very strong self-sustain, with Fire Stomp now being a skillshot and healing per enemy hit, with more healing when the flames come back at Diablo. Souls to the Flame (4) increases the healing effect, while Hellfire (13) increases spellpower per enemy hit (which translates in more healing). Eternal Flames (7) reset the cooldown of Fire Stomp whenever Diablo stuns a Hero with Shadow Charge (meaning hitting the enemy against a wall) or Overpower. Life Leech (4) provides passive healing as long Diablo Basic Attacks an enemy Hero. This can be further improved through Cruelty (13), which increases his attack speed, translating in more heal-per-hit. Feast on Fear (1) heals Diablo whenever he stuns opponents with Shadow Charge or Overpower. This effect stacks. Domination (16) resets the cooldown of Shadow Charge whenever Diablo uses Overpower, thus triggering Feast on Fear an additional time if Diablo hits the opponent against a wall. Overpowering Nightmare grants 2 additional charges of Overpower, meaning more triggers of Feast on Fear. Devil's Due (1) provides Diablo with one of the strongest self-healings in the game. Since Regeneration Globes become neutral after 3 seconds and can be claimed by either team, this essentially doubles his self-sustain (including mana regeneration). Lord of Terror siphons the life of nearby Heroes, which can heal Diablo for a lot if he is surrounded by enemies. ETC (suggested physical build; suggested ability build) Guitar Solo is a reliable self-sustain ability on low cooldown. Can be further improved by Guitar Hero (1) and Prog Rock (1). Hammer-on (7) has good synergy with Guitar Hero. Garrosh (suggested build) Bloodthirst provides Garrosh with a very strong self-sustain, specially when combined with his natural resilience from Armor Up. In For the Kill (4) provides Garrosh with lots of sustain in the laning phase and while killing minions because of the resets and mana refund. This can be further improved by Bloodcraze (13).  Johanna (suggested build) Laws of Hope provides an Active Ability that can save Johanna from some nasty situations. Holy Renewal can heal for quite a lot if Johanna manages to hit 3 Heroes or more. Leoric (suggested physical build; suggested ability build) Very strong self-healing through Drain Hope, specially against opponents with low movement options. This healing can be further improved through Willing Vessel (7). March of the Black King heals Leoric per Hero hit. Ossein Renewal (1) provides an Active Ability similarly to Johanna Laws of Hope, but on a higher cooldown (however this can recharge faster by picking Regeneration Globes). Consume Vitality (1) heals Leoric whenever he hits Heroes with Skeletal Swing. Fealty Unto Death (1) passively heals Leoric whenever minions die nearby him (either friendly or enemy). Spectral Leech (20) provides passive healing as long Leoric Basic Attacks an enemy Hero. This can be further improved by Mithril Mace (16), specially once completed. Muradin (suggested build) Very powerful out of combat healing thanks to Second Wind. This can be further improved through Third Wind (1) and Stoneform (16), with the later allowing Muradin to activate his trait to gain healing effects in-battle. Avatar, in a sense, can be considered a healing ability as it increases Muradin maximum health for a limited time. Healing Static (13) provides a healing effect to Thunder Clap as long it hits Heroes. Rexxar (suggested build) Hungry Bear (4) provides life-leech to Misha. Hunter-Gatherer (4) provides extra passive life regeneration to Rexxar. Animal Husbandry (4) essentially allows Rexxar and Misha to reach infinite health points as long Rexxar remains alive. Spirit Bond (20) provides Bestial Wrath with a life-leeching effect where Misha's Basic Attacks heals Rexxar. Sonya (suggested physical build; suggested ability build)  Very strong self-sustain through Whirlwind. This can be further improved by Life Funnel (7) and Wrath of the Berserker (as more damage equals to more healing). Has access to the War Paint (1) talent, meaning that any additional talents or buffs that increase her Attack Speed and Basic Attack Damage will increase this talent's performance. Battle Rage (7) provides an Active Ability that heals Sonya. Stitches (suggested build) Devour is a very powerful self-sustain ability. Can be improved by Chew Your Food (1). Hungry for More increases Stitches' maximum health, therefore increasing the healing from Devour. Amplified Healing (4) increases all healing Stitches recieves, with includes Devour. Savor the Flavor (4) permanently increases Stitches health regeneration when he uses Devour on enemy Heroes. Restorative Fumes (4) causes Vile Gas to heal Stitches. Cannibalize (20) provides passive healing as long Stitches Basic Attacks an enemy Hero. This effect becomes even stronger with Hungry for More, as more health equals to more healing. Tyrael (suggested build) Ardent Restoration (1) provides Tyrael with passive healing as long he deals any form of damage to enemy Heroes. Divine Vigor (4) allows Tyrael's Basic Attacks to heal him after he hits enemies with Smite. It synergises well with Purge Evil (7), Smite the Wicked (16) and Seal of El'Druin (20), as they all improve Tyrael's Basic Attacks, therefore increasing the healing gained. Varian (suggested Protection build; suggested Arms build; suggested Fury build) Lion's Fang naturally heals Varian whenever he hits any opponent (including minions). Can be further improved by Lionheart (7). Second Wind (7) and Victory Rush (7) both provide passive healing as long Varian Basic Attacks anything, with the latter healing for a huge amount, but having a cooldown. Second Wind is improved by High King's Quest (1) and all of Varian's passive effects of his Heroic Abilities. Glory to the Alliance (20) causes banners to increase all healing effects, which includes all the aforementioned talents and abilities above that provide Varian with self-healing. Yrel Vindication deals damage and heals Yrel in return. Light of Karabor (1) increases Vindication radius, as well bonus healing per enemy Hero hit. Ardent Defender heals Yrel for half of the damage absorbed. Word of Glory (20) causes Ardent Defender to heal all nearby allies for the damage Yrel absorbed. Maraad's Insight (1) causes Yrel's next Basic Attack to heal whenever she uses a Basic Ability. Gift of the Naaru (4) causes Divine Purpose to heal an ally nearby Yrel.  
      Abathur (suggested build) Abathur is an exception to this list as he cannot self heal with his related talents below, since he cannot use Symbiote on himself. Regenerative Microbes (1) causes the Symbiote's Carapace to heal the host. Soma Transference (13) causes the Symbiote's Spike Burst to heal the host when hitting enemy Heroes. Azmodan (suggested build) Cydaea's Kiss (13) causes All Shall Burn to heal if it channels completely. Can be further improved by Sin's Grasp (16), as it increases its range and reduces the cooldown if fully channeled.. Gazlowe (suggested build) Goblin Repairs (1) provides extra passive life regeneration. Medivh (suggested build) Force of Will heals damage absorbed. This can be further improved by Circle of Protection (13) or Reabsorption (13). Raven's Intellect (1) provides extra passive life regeneration. Murky (suggested build) Rejuvenating Bubble (13) heals Murky whenever he uses Safety Bubble. This can be further improved by Big Tuna Kahuna as more health equals to more healing. Fish Tank (13) heals Murky whenever he deals damage with Basic Attacks and Basic Abilities. Nazeebo (suggested build) Hexed Crawlers (4) causes Corpse Spiders to heal Nazeebo. Blood Ritual (4) heal Nazeebo whenever he gains stacks of Voodoo Ritual. Both talents above scale progressively as Nazeebo gains more stacks of Voodoo Ritual. Sgt. Hammer (suggested build) Has access to the Regenerative Bio-Steel (4) talent, meaning that any additional talents or buffs that increase her Attack Speed and Basic Attack Damage will increase this talent's performance while in Siege Mode. Sylvanas (suggested build) Life Drain (13) causes Shadow Dagger to heal Sylvanas each time it spreads to an enemy. The Lost Vikings (suggested build) Has access to the Pain Don't Hurt (4) talent, meaning that any additional talents or buffs that increase Baleog Attack Speed and Basic Attack Damage will increase this talent's performance. Erik the Swift heals Erik as long he is moving. Play Again! fully heals the Vikings. Xul (suggested physical build; suggested Skeleton build) Harvest Vitality (7) causes Cursed Strikes to heal Xul whener it hits enemy Heroes. This can be further improved through Grim Scythe (4) and Rapid Harvest (13) or Executioner (13). Trag'Oul's Essence (7) causes Skeleton Warriors to heal Xul whenever they deal damage. Andariel's Visage (20) causes Poison Nova to heal Xul for half the damage dealt. Zagara (suggested build) Nydus Network heals Zagara as long she is inside it. Hydralisk Transfusion (13) heals Zagara as long Hunter Killer deals damage to enemy Heroes. This talent does NOT benefit from Corrosive Saliva (16) bonus damage or the bouncing attacks from Mutalisk (16).  
      Fenix: as long his Shield doesn't drop completely, he has one of the most powerful lane presences in the game, essentially having two healthbars. And if losing his Shields he can simply retreat and let them replenish again. Just be careful with hard engages, stuns and damage-over-time (as each tick will put Shield Capacitor on cooldown). Malthael: ridiculous sustain that allows him to 1v2 or even 1v3 under the right circumstances. Make sure to hit as many opponents as possible with Basic Attacks to maximize his sustain. Dehaka: incredibly sticky and slippery, with a global presence that allows him to engage and disengage at ease. His trait combined with Adaptation makes him really hard to kill. Blaze: powerful lane presence and one of the best self-sustains in the entire game. Diablo: his recent rework made him absurdly resilient, with a self-sustain that can surpass Blaze's under the right circumstances. Sonya: still one of the strongest solo laners in the game, with reliable self-sustain, great damage overall, and strong engage potential. The Butcher: with a high risk, high reward gameplay style, he can become unkillable, but requires a really strong frontline to keep him well protected, as well at least one backline Hero that can harass enemies at long range. Medivh: a Support labelled as a Specialist. With a very versatile kit, he can provide damage, mobility, vision, crowd-control and most importantly, damage immunity and healing. ANY team without a Support greatly benefits from Medivh. Thrall: very strong on really long matches, as his most powerful quest talents require a lot of farming. At the endgame he deal eye-watering damage while healing for huge chunks of health. Illidan: with his passive healing, he is a no-brainer. He can easily harass the backline and disengage, forcing the enemy team to waste cooldowns and allow the allied team to retaliate.  
      Disclaimer: very team here will feature Medivh. He is essentially a Support classified as a Specialist. Adding him almost feels like cheating. But everyone knows that Medivh Cheats!!!
      Stitches, Sonya, Kel'Thuzad, Kael'thas, Medivh. Garrosh, Stitches, The Butcher, Kel'Thuzad, Medivh. ETC, Blaze, Fenix, Kel'Thuzad, Medivh. Johanna, Cassia, Raynor, Fenix, Medivh. Johanna, Blaze, Sgt. Hammer, Li-Ming, Medivh.
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