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Help Me Fix My DPS

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So for 7.3 I switched to Elemental.  I have raided as Resto pretty much since BC.  I have no idea what I am doing wrong and I really need to fix it.

Character name is Tyyr

I am doing anywhere from .8 mil to 1.4 mil DPS.

Here is my latest Raidbots



Here is the latest logs.  I am in Heroic High Command thru Heroic Coven.



My rotation is keeping FS up > Lava Burst > Elemental Blast > Earth Shock (when at or near max Maelstrom) Lightning Bolt


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It honestly all depends on the fight that you're on. On High Command you wanna use LR (Lightning Rod) and go full AoE spec. Totem Mastery, Gust of Wind, Lightning Surge Totem, Ancestral Swiftness, Elemental Blast, Echo of the Elements / Liquid Magma Totem, Lightning Rod. Keep Flame Shock up at all times on the boss, lava burst on proc or when no adds are up, Chain Lightning / Earthquake when there are adds up. Always use Chain Lightning when there are 2+ mobs. When using Chain Lighting w/ Stormkeeper, remember to space it out and try to make sure LR is on the boss. It would go something like this: Chain Lightning (with overload on every target) -> 2-3 earthquakes, insta-CL, Earthquake, insta-CL, Earthquake. That's for AoE when there's 4 or more targets for your Chain Lightning to overload off of. Just practice man, it'll take a bit but you'll get it down. Each fight for elemental is different in what you have to do, some fights you take a single-target spec, others you take the spec I just gave you for AoE, just depends.


I hope this helps you a little bit!

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High Command:

  • Why did you delay your first Stormkeeper for so long? You missed a whole cast of it because of this. 
  • Your FS uptime can be improved. At ~85% atm.


  • You only died at 03:40, yet you missed casts of everything.
  • You didn't cast Ascendance.
  • You didn't cast Stormkeeper.
  • You didn't cast Storm Elemental.
  • You barely touched Elemental Blast, with only 3 casts.

All other bosses (same thing on them all):

  • You need better FS uptime.
  • You need to use Stormkeeper more. You constantly miss casts of it on bosses, sometimes even 3+ casts.
  • You need to cast Ascendance more.

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1 hour ago, Poromania said:

Elemental blast before lava burst - it gives you huge buff, dont forget

Yeah, the Elemental Blast uptime is a massive problem in their logs. They take the talent, but barely use it.

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