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I'm not sure when it started but the cards no longer display when hovering over the links in the hearthstone portion of the site. To see if it was site specific I went to wowhead and tested their hover icons and they still work. I also went into the wow portion of icy-veins and the hover links work there as well. 

i'm using chrome on a windows 10 pc. Tested in edge and IE also and the hover links for Hearthstone cards aren't working in those browsers either. 

i've cleared internet history and disabled all extensions in chrome also. 

any idea what's going on?



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I'm aware of the problem. Hearthpwn removed their external tooltips for some reason, so I'm working on making our own. They should be ready tomorrow I think.

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46 minutes ago, l3ounce said:

They seem to be working again. Thanks for the reply and the fix :)

Indeed, I've just finished :P

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