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Dps Optimization

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Hi there!

After a month on SoO, I feel like I'm not doing enough DPS with my gear.


It feels like I'm underperforming in some fights but i don't know the reasons.


This is my most recent log from yesterday, feel free to check it out! 

(I'm on an Italian server so it will probably show Italian terms, just hover the mouse on the spells)


I did not have the T16 Head up until Paragons.


The rotation I'm trying is the one wrote on this site, but I think It is a skill-priority issue in my rotation that causes the lack on DPS.

I'm trying to optimize my understanding of the class cause I've never played Mage before Pandaria, and I'd very much like to talk about it!


p.s: I know that I don't have some enchants - belt buckle, they are on my to-do list :]


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I looked at Malkorok and Paragons. Invoker's Energy uptime is good, Living Bomb uptime is good. You didn't use Alter Time every time it was available - that's surprising. It's a significant DPS loss not to use it when it's available. Use a macro so that you use it together with Icy Veins and a potion every time you can, and line up Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze charges so that you have them again when Alter Time takes effect.


Another thing you could be doing is pre-potting, i.e. using a potion before the pull so that you can use another one later on during the fight.


Other than that, I'm not seeing anything that stands out particularly.

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