Need Help Understanding Khaz'Goroth's Courage

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I have only had the chance to run in two raids where there were enough of the other trinkets to for the Shaping proc to kick in.  In both runs, the stat that was increased was Haste.  However, I am sitting at 31% haste and 49% mastery.  The shaping proc could not have been during heroism because I saw my haste  go from 31 to 43%.

Anyone know why haste is being buffed over mastery?

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On 12/30/2017 at 2:10 AM, Ulzorn said:

The "highest stat" is by score,not %,mastery % is higher due to higher conversion rate even tho you have more haste (i guess)

Yep, exactly this. It's done by raw stat amount. It's done to prevent you always gaining Haste during a Heroism proc, etc.

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