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Help with some boomkin dps

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Remove Glyph of Guided Stars. It will completely murder your DPS. Also, don't use Glyph of Barkskin in PvE. I suggest Glyph of Rebirth and Glyph of Stampeding Roar.


You have no enchants on your gear, which hurts. I understand the desire to save money and often go into LFR on my alts with no enchants, but if you want to actually get the most out of your gear, you need to enchant it. At least throw Windsong on your weapon. Speaking of which, that weapon is a 483, which means your spellpower is much lower than most players at 510 and that puts a pretty severe cap on your DPS.


Other than that, your gear is mostly Timeless Isle pieces, which are basically equivalent to 5.1 valor gear (for 496) or Shado-Pan Assault gear (for the 535s). You do need to do some raiding for better drops, since Balance is very gear dependent. See if you can buy a 502 weapon from a Blacksmith or get a better drop from LFR with a coin roll.


Without a combat log from a raid, it is impossible to tell you how your playstyle can be improved, other than to pay attention to the opening sequence, which is done in such a way as to use Starfall several times in a row. Icy-Veins' guide will demonstrate how to do it.

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