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ive noticed most of the time when i use frozen orb, and i have a bf up, ill use the fof up and try to get in a bf proc after to get the critical icelance, but a fof almost always pops up while im trying to cast. i feel like im losing alotta dps on it, any suggestions? 

also, feel free to criticize anything else if u see something, just trying too see where im at with this mage

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Few notes:

  • You barely pre-shatter your Flurry casts. Make sure to cast Frostbolt/Ebonbolt just before sending your Flurry, since it will shatter. Follow it with an Ice Lance.
  • For a boss with such a small amount of movement as Garothi, you spent so much time doing nothing. You weren't casting anything for a large portion of the fight.
  • You cancel too many spells, especially since you are using Shimmer. Use it to reposition while casting rather than stopping your current cast to move.

As for your question, just spend your FoF and don't cast Frostbolt, so you don't trigger a new BF. If you get a FoF while casting Frostbolt, just shatter your Flurry and waste the FoF, it's fine.

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