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Help me understand what do I do wrong.

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Sometimes my dps in some boss fights drops as low as 400mil and some others i do 1.200mil.

Help me figure out why please:


And this is hasabel where i did 400mil only



Also i do sometimes relally low dps on bosses like dogs with no aparent reason but dont have logs.

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being dead half the fight probably has something to do with it, but other things I noticed were that your rings aren't enchanted, and you keep capping maelstrom. You also could use some work on keeping landslide and flametongue up. I would recommend checking out the rotation guide on this site to start, although you may get more detailed advice from someone else. Your second log also shows you having an 855 relic, which is strange, since you had a much better one in the first log. I main ele rather than enh, so I can't help with more detailed analysis for stuff like your rotation, but a site that can help you figure out obvious problems is https://wowanalyzer.com

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I have looked at my wowanalizer and understood my gravest mistakes. However i dont understand about Crash Lightning and Alpha Wolves, ¿could you enlighten me about that?



NVM i just found out, ty :3

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On 1/5/2018 at 8:17 PM, Tdsestds said:

Help me figure out why please:

Your opener is completely wrong, in addition to the WA points. You use on Varimathras:

  1. Feral Spirit
  2. Rockbiter
  3. Crash Lightning
  4. Doom Winds
  5. Earthen Spike
  6. Stormstrike
  7. Lava Lash
  8. Lava Lash
  9. Stormstrike
  10. Flametongue

This is the "ideal" opener from Wordup:

  1. Use Potion of Prolonged Power before the pull.
  2. Cast Rockbiter to generate burst Maelstrom and activate Landslide.
  3. Activate Fury of Air if taken.
  4. Cast Flametongue.
  5. Cast Frostbrand with Hailstorm taken.
  6. Cast Feral Spirit.
  7. Cast Crash Lightning to activate Alpha Wolf.
  8. Cast Earthen Spike if taken.
  9. Activate Doom Winds and immediately cast Stormstrike.
  10. Cast Ascendance to reset the cooldown on Stormstrike, or if Stormbringer is active if taken.
  11. Cast Windstrike.

Your priority in the opener is completely mixed up.

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