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This might be fun.  

I've got a few songs for various classes/specs that just fit.  

Demon Hunters anthem I think is Starset  -  Monster

It virtually follows the entirety of the book ILLIDAN, from the utter loss of virtually every Demon Hunter that drove them to join Illidan's quest, to their consuming the very thing that they hate, to empower themselves and face daily torment from the same as it attempts to take over their bodies...  

Totally Fits.  To a T.

I have a few others, Like Indestructible by Disturbed for Protection Warriors being one.  

What do you have that just fits?

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My name is human - Highly Suspect

The tone of the song, the lyrics...  TOTALLY death knight.  

Preparing to resist Arthas, Facing him down, and them finding who they are afterward...  Boom!  

ETA:  If you can get past the 'human' part it works for pretty much all of them ;)


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