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low dps ww ;'(

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Your dps isn't weak, just needs little adjustments: 

- try to stack more versatility (with rings/neck) (as i see your enchants you're already trying ^^)

- change legs to head/chest if/when you have them (but priority is to keep 4pT21)

- you can analyze log with this tool : https://wowanalyzer.com/

- your pull can be better, try to follow this guide : http://www.peakofserenity.com/2017/12/02/storm-earth-and-fire-in-antorus/


This is an example string for your opener:

Tiger Palm -> Chi Wave -> Tiger Palm -> Touch of Death -> Storm, Earth, and Fire + Rising Sun Kick-> SotW -> Energizing Elixir + Fists of Fury -> Whirling Dragon Punch -> Blackout Kick -> Rising Sun Kick -> …

(try to cast touch of death just before Storm Earth and Fire cause it'll increase it's damage, try to cast SEF with already 4/5 chi )

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Also, there's no need for you to be sprinting away from the boss' smash. You move way too far back. You can either Death it and just roll away so you survive the hit with ToD, or just kick to the edge of the circle and then roll back in. You used Death, but ran far enough back that you didn't even get the full damage reflect from it.

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