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Two amazing feats as Antorus gets a bit of a reality check with double solos for Normal mode in one day! The expected one was Eonar as we've already seen the encounter defeated by two people and it was just a matter of time before an enterprising Warlock took it upon himself to do the deed alone - and it turns out it was Krieglocke that did it!

The less expected and far more insane of the two is the Garothi Worldbreaker Prot Paladin solo, as it took a crazy 8 hours and 11 minutes to kill! But let's get right to these amazing videos and hear what the soloers themselves have to say:




Well… This was a rather painful solo, and quite risky.

It appears Garothi Worldbreaker's Eradication, Fel Bombardment and Carnage got a limit of 60 yards range… And there is thankfully a place in the arena where you could stand that is further away than that! (It should probably get fixed)

Well there is a slight problem… Boss is in berserk and quite far away… way too far to reach with simple spells. So how will you possibly be able to hurt him without getting crushed into pieces?

Oh well good thing us Protection Paladins got a bunch of CDs to help us!... That’s right… CDS!

5 minute ones aswell… takes awhile…

This whole boss took 8 hours and 11 minutes to cheese down, and it was not faceroll either, having to pay attention all that time.

Can you imagine a single misstep? A bit too late Guardian of the Ancient Kings and he would be able to destroy you with a meele hit (he almost did at 10:57)… being a little careless with movement, or bubbling too early could also punish you severly.

At 6:30 you could see a misplay I did. I went too quickly back to the “safezone”, which lead to a bombardment hiting me, thankfully Aegis of Light got me covered (I knew there was a reason I picked that talent!)

DCs would also feel rather rough

ilvl: 963.
Traits: 79

So, the tactics are quite straightforward. But even then it is a real pain to do them for 8+ hours straight. You want to Ardent Defender, Avenging Wrath along with a trinket if you have one on the way to the boss. Drums can be used each second “rush”. The legendary “Chain of Thrayn” is VERY much recommended, so you are able to top yourself each Hand of the Protector. The legendary helmet Saruan’s Resolve is also recommended so you have 2 charges of your insta topping ability. When you are almost in meele range, use Guardian of the Ancient Kings so you will survive the meele combat. Get shield of the righteous going quickly, along with Eye of Tyr to increase your chance of survival. Make sure you get out of meele range quickly, before Guardian of the Ancient kings is gone, else you might fall to one of his meele hits (especially when he is below 20%, since he deals 40% more damage).

You need to save Divine Shield for Fel Bombardment. If you have the debuff on you, and he is in berserk it will deal about 100% of your HP each missile. Keep an eye on the debuff, it could come the moment you rush towards the boss or when you are about to leave. Oh and make sure that you are in the “safezone” quickly after Fel Bombardment is done, or he will put up another one on you within a few seconds.

At 60% HP and 20% HP he casts Apocalypse drive. Your damage taken will be very low during it, so if you have the Fel Bombardment buff kite it off… DO NOT BUBBLE IT! You need to save Divine Shield for the end of the Apocalypse Drive cast (since you won’t destroy any weapons, it will deal huge dmg). He gets a stacking dmg increase after each apocalypse drive. When he is below 20% he will therefore have 40% damage increase. This also works for his Annihiliator and Decimator weapons.

The Annihiliator and Decimator will keep hitting you during the encounter (they do not get a dmg boost from berserk tho, but they scale with the Apocalypse Drive dmg boost). I suggest using Aegis of Light for the annihilator right before you are about to rush. Since it will reduce the damage taken, which makes it go faster for you to top yourself with flash of lights.

Make sure you have 2 charges of Hand of the Protector ready once you rush in, you will need them.





This is actually my 2nd go at this. Took me 70 wipes first time, 1 wipe the second time.

logs for first kill:

logs for second kill (the video):

pls no aff nerf

Congrats to both players and great job, especially on the Garothi one for even thinking of doing it, let alone actually executing the strat!

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I can't imagine spending over 8 hours on a sucessful kill. If it is dedication or insanity is a matter of debate, but it is impressive :P

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The Warbreaker is nuts, I hope he doesn't have his account suspended or anything for exploiting that deadzone, it's an impressive testament to skill, timing and endurance regardless D: 

Eonar, lol. The Lootship of Legion. 

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2 hours ago, Plergoth said:

The Warbreaker is nuts, I hope he doesn't have his account suspended or anything for exploiting that deadzone, it's an impressive testament to skill, timing and endurance regardless D: 

Eonar, lol. The Lootship of Legion. 

You mean loot pinata

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