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MooYah guild is based on the Horde side of EU-Kazzak. We are a late night raiding guild. We are looking for mature players with an exceptional knowledge of their class and role within a raid environment.


We raid after the usual hours (23.00-02.00 server time), 4 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday) - We are mostly mature players who have other commitments at 'normal' raid times, so take the opportunity to get together and play at a later hour.


Our current progress is 12/14 HC and we are looking for players with adequate gear and experience to join and help us push the last couple of heroics.


Currently looking for:


Any ranged DPS.


Any further questions can be directed in game to Voodoohealz, Obesekid, Nodotnowin, Pilantro or Prolifik. You can also visit our site for more info about us.



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