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Help with DPS Please

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I've been playing for a while (about a year) but I still feel like a total noob.  Hopefully I'm doing this correctly - looking for help to be stronger/more helpful in fights:

Character: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/aerie-peak/zetheria

Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6nWvk2wrYcqBLp71#fight=last (not sure if this is how I'm supposed to share a log - please let me know if it doesn't work. First time I've logged.)

I really appreciate any help!

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Hi, I see you have low haste and high crit rating. Maybe try to grab some more haste and mastery? Also make sure you have your dots up being Sunfire and Moonfire. Not keeping these at a good (pref 98%) up time will hurt your dps alot. I think you have like 50+% on SF and MF, make sure you refresh them in time. 


Also get some haste enchants from the AH. Intellect on your cloack.  Take a look at icy-veins balance druid guide if you havent. 

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I'm seeing a bunch of things that can be improved significantly but here are the three I think will be the easiest to implement and give you the biggest immediate impact with minimal effort and no gold outlay:

* You aren't casting enough, probably due to moving too much - I've looked at my own log from the normal version of that fight which was about a minute shorter but I cast twice as many Starsurges as you did, although one factor of that is my next point related to Lunar Strike; still, try to always be casting something, even if it's just spamming Moonfire... that's less effective today than it was yesterday but still better than nothing

* It looks like you aren't tracking procs:

1) Your wrist legendary proc is one of the strongest for Boomkins, even single target... when you get the Starfall proc, make sure you use it, not least because it can trigger a Starsurge proc... I had 9 Starfall procs in that fight which accounted for 5% of my overall damage just from Starfall, not to mention the damage bonus to your dots due to Stellar Empowerment while it's up

2) You only cast Lunar Strike once... you should be casting it any time you have 2+ targets in range (even if you only think a second target MIGHT be in range, use it) or when you have a Lunar Empowerment stack after using Starsurge, you basically wasted 33 of those procs, each of which (depending on mastery) can account for, in my case, 77% additional damage per cast.  This becomes even more important if you take the Starlord, Incarnation, Blessing &/or Balance talents... they all interact to make it really important to use those Lunar Empowerment procs

* With the same ring legendary, I was able to get 4 Incarnations in on a shorter fight compared to your 2 incarnations, that's costing you a lot of damage not having that going as often as possible... same deal as above, though, more casting means more AP spent which means shorter cooldown on Incarnation

Boomkin abilities all have a lot of interplay so to get the most out of it you need to be pushing all your buttons relatively correctly, a significant lack of proper use of just one ability (like not using Lunar Strike) can end up costing you a lot of dps.  Fewer Lunar Strikes means less damage plus less Astral Power, less Astral Power means fewer Starsurges which means fewer Goldrinn and fewer Oneth procs and fewer Solar/Lunar Empowerments which means longer cast times for those spells which means less damage plus less Astral Power, etc, it all feeds into itself... and that's just the obvious stuff, other things will be impacted as well.

I don't mean that to be discouraging, more that I wouldn't worry too much about the dps you had in that log, you should be able to improve significantly from where you were with minimal effort.  Doing just these 3 things will probably get you 50%+ more dps without doing anything else.

Good luck!

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