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Determining BiS

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Greetings unholy brethren!


I joined a guild as a recruit for 25man normal SoO.  I've since become a member, and am about halfway geared up from running the instance for the past couple of weeks.  Since I didn't have loot priority right away, I kind of had to take what I could get (which didn't stop me from coining both trinkets, Zagam!).  As the raid as a whole is becoming mostly geared, I'll have a better opportunity to win bids for the best stuff.


Since this website's BiS list recommends choosing gear based on a given stat priority, I'm wondering what, according to the awesome Warlocks of the Icy Veins forums, the BiS gear list for Destro would be.  Is there a priority or optimal pieces to use for the 4 piece tier bonus?




Is it even worth being picky on anything but trinkets, since reforging can presumably achieve the same or very similar results with multiple combinations of gear?


For the sake of argument, normalize with normal 553 gear.


Thanks in advance for any input - looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.



Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/cenarius/Ogii/simple

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Reforging isn't the answer to all your problems, nor is secondary stats. 95+% of your DPS will come from doing your priority right and understanding fight mechanics.


That said this is the BiS list I came up with before the tier started.


Weapon: Gaze of Arrogance - 4th boss, Crit/Mastery 2H Staff
Helm: Tier.
Neck:  Untainted Guardian's Chain - 3rd boss, Hit/Mastery 
Shoulder: Shoulderpags of Dou Dou Chong - 2nd boss, hit/mastery
Chest: Tier 
Bracers: Bracers of Broken Causation - 3rd boss, Hit/Mastery OR
  Avool's Ancestral Bracers - 10th boss, Haste/Mastery
Gloves: tier.
Belt: Belt of Ominous Trembles - 5th boss, Hit/Mastery
Boots: Bone-Inlaid Sandals - 6th boss, Haste/Mastery
Legs: Tier 
Rings: Extinguished Ember of Galakras - 5th boss, Hit/Haste AND Signet of the Dinomancers - Haste/Mastery
First Trinket: By FAR my BiS Purified Bindings of Immerseus and KTT
Note: this isn't a *perfect* BiS list, this is a BiS list based off of my gearing strat and off of information that was available to me a month before SoO came out. Also this is a realistically BiS list, if there was an item that was BiS for our Spriest and our mage AND me, I tried to find another item in its slot that was *about* as good that they didn't want so that I could snipe it. Also this is going for a 2h over a MHOH since the RNG of getting a heroic or a HWF staff is a lot more in my favor then getting a MHOH.
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Hit haste ring for BiS? not the Hit Mastery?


Likely a leftover from when it was a haste heavy list.


This is list 3 or 4.0, starting from very early in the PTR cycle when it was a haste heavy list, so anything odd like that is likely just something that I missed when re-re-re-re-updating it. 


As stated, this is by no means a tested or perfect list.

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Looking at it with the Mastery/Crit build for Destro, I came up with (assuming HWF for everything that isn't Tier):


Weapon:Gaze of Arrogance (Sha) - Crit/Mas

Helm: Tier (Thok)

Neck: Untainted Guardian's Chain (Norushen) - Hit/Mas

Shoulders: Rime-Rift Shoulders (Norushen) - Crit/Mas

Chest - Tier (Sha)

Wrists - Bracers of Broken Causation (Norushen) - Hit/Mas

Hands - Tier (Nazgrim)

Belt - Belt of Ominous Trembles (Jug) - Hit/Mas

Legs - Tier (Paragons)

Feet - Toxic Tornado Treads (Shaman) - Crit/Mas

Rings - Iyyokuk's Hereditary Seal (Paragons) - Hit/Mas, Petrified Pennyroyal Ring (Protectors) - Hit/Crit

Trinkets - Purified Bindings of Immerseus (Immerseus), Kardris' Toxic Totem (Shaman)


Went with shoulders for off-piece since it's the only tier slot you can't get tier on and such beautiful crit/mas shoulders exist.

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