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MOP 5.4 Mastery vs Haste

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i did have trouble with this due to the default it tells you that. i entered custom weights for my build. (assassin) just set the numbers in the priority list. i left my agility, hit and expertise right where they were because those are first thing you want then i just changed the others to follow normal secondary stat balance. mastery > Haste> crit.

for example 

MH dps (7.6)

OH dps (2.05)

agility (7.25)

hit to 7.5 (5.55)

expertise to 7.5 (3.7)

then the secondaries which is the ones you need to change the weights on.

mastery (3.15)

haste (3)

crit (2.85) 


just re arrange the order of the stats in a descending order so mr. robot will take the order into effect. 

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Here's the thing about this, though.  As has been stated, including Ghostcrawler, Mastery stacking becomes the lesser priority, IF you are T16 trinket equipped.  If you really want to play around with the #'s, and see what benefits you most, try Shadowcraft.  It allows complete control over your reforging, your gems, your weights, everything, and gives you several different priority options to play with, so you don't necessarily have to adjust your weights.  I will tell you this, based on not only doing SimDPS theorycrafting, but actual time on dummies and in raid environments, I lose a healthy amount of DPS by stacking mastery over crit/haste.  I'm going to assume (hopefully correctly), that you are both Assassination rogues, as I am.



Raid Leader - Adversary


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