Combat Opener?

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Hey everyone.

I've been wondering about the perfect opener as combat.

Here's my armory:

What I do right now:

- Prepot then stealth

- Ambush

- Slice and Dice with those 2 points

- Revealing Strike

- Spam Sinister until I have both of my trinkets up

- Killing Spree

- Then I pop Adrenalinrush + Shadow blades and spam the shit out of everything

- When these cooldowns run out I usually almost have killing spree up again.

Basically I think I can optimize alot and my opener might be wrong.

Thanks for help in advance!

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Looks good to me. I like how you mention that you pop Killing Spree once your trinket procs are up. Makes a lot of sense. The only thing I'd mention (since it sounds very similar to mine), is that if you're running Shadow Focus, to use Revealing Strike before popping Slice and Dice since you may have a chance of capping out before your next GCD. If you aren't having issues with that, I'd say stick with what you have going.


I have been running Combat more lately for cleave fights myself (i.e. Galakras for the adds) and it's been a while so I'm having to reteach myself to pop Killing Spree before going into my AR + SB Eviscerate Berserk mode (Rupture messes me up more than it helps me despite the slight DPS gain it gives so I tend to stay away from it).

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