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help plz with balance dps

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hello all

i have a good friend who playes as a balance druid, and can't get over 100-110k dps in OO normal. he tried various addons, robot, ppl help - nothing worked for him. It's really frustrating (now he wants to format his hard disk)

may be anybody here can help?



WoL logs


he's on the 4th place - one before the tank


8th place

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I keep seeing Glyph of Guided Stars in the armory of Druids that are complaining about their DPS. This used to be Glyph of the Moonkin, but now that glyph is baseline and the glyph they replaced it with is absolute garbage. Looking at Immerseus, he wasn't pushing through Eclipse states quickly enough, which hurt his uptime on Nature's Grace. It should be closer to 60% rather than 40%. This also would have squeezed out a few more Starfall casts.

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thank you very much! so i can say that his main problem is in not quick enough switching?


Maybe bad positioning caused him to not spend as much time nuking, or he spent too much time multi-dotting during the Split phases instead of advancing eclipse cycles and ended up spending too much time without Nature's Grace up.

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