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Archon+Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac?

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I am trying to master the VYRs wizard set dungeon.
I need to have Archon up as much as possible, because when I am out of it I cannot do much damage, and also I am slow and cannot finish the set dungeon.
I saw here:


They say that an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, should cut the remaining waiting time of the cooldown of Archon. I finally found such a ring.
I am trying to do as they say, by using for example Disintegrate and I also have this: Hergbrash's Binding.
But unfortunatey, and I have tested it also in some dense monster areas.
While I am out of Archon form, and by spamming Disintegrate, the cooldown of Archon does not cut. It just goes normally and I have to wait a long time.
Do you know if there has been some change from Blizzard about those things.
Any help appreciated. I am frustrated a lot, as I cannot finish the set dungeon.

PS1: I have put out any other skills except Achon and perhaps a Meteor, in my skill bar. Nothing. Archon does not get cut in any way, it just goes normally.
PS2: I have also for this purpose, put Cooldown reduction on my gear, so I have something like 40%. Though, with the ring, there should not be even the need for cooldown reduction, right? Still, its a long time for the next Archon duration. For some reason, Disintegrate does not influence the Archon cooldown in any way.

Am I doing something wrong?

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There's an other solution to the problem where you dont need the ring at all.

All you need is the head piece Swami. When archon ends you'll still have 16-20s remaining on the buff.

Get the ring that reduces your cooldowns by 10 seconds after you kill an elite camp and your problem is fixed

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Yes. Actually I also posted this in Battle forums for wizards.

I got very helpful comments and advice on my build and skills and items.

YES, the item SWAMI was the crucial change that actually made it possible for me to complete the set dungeon. Because, I was able to continue fighting even after Archon expired, and pushed forward. I farmed for SWAMI and after some time and tries, I got it. I put it in cube. Now the set dungeon, although annoying, was much easier.

So thank you too Sanationem. The Swami was the key item for this dungeon. The Obsidian Ring was not needed after all, and for me, it did not reduce the Archon cooldown much. Also the In-Geom was good for this. I had it previously, and I put it in cube.



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