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hows my dps

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Looking at Garothi:

  • You missed an Ebonbolt cast, meaning you missed a Flurry combo.
  • You missed your Ice Lance in the Flurry combo. Remember to follow this:
    • Get a Flurry proc. 
    • Hardcast Ebonbolt or Frostbolt.
    • Send the instant Flurry straight after your Frostbolt/Ebon, so that they hit at the same time.
    • As soon as you can after the Flurry, send an Ice Lance.
  • You cancel a lot of casts/move around a lot without casting. You took Shimmer as a talent, so make sure to use it. You don't need to stop DPSing with Shimmer available.
  • You missed multiple Brain Freeze procs because you didn't cast Flurry in-time. This means you cast Ebon/Frostbolt with a Flurry proc without sending your current Flurry straight away. Overwriting procs is a big loss in damage.
  • Make sure to pre-pot.

Work on these and you should see some improvements!

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