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DPS and ilvl Antorus

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Sorry, it won't be anything new or interesting sorry.  But I'm a bit lost with my mage. I have 950 ilvl without leg bracers, but with my double BL ring. I only output 1M dps constant on fight with movement and don't really know why.

Logs :


Armory :


I'm open to any suggestion.

 Thanks for your time :)

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Hey, I'm by no means amazing at frost mage, and I won't be able to do an in depth analysis of your logs, but if you put your warcraftlogs report into https://wowanalyzer.com it will give you some pointers where you might be going wrong. It seemed pretty accurate when I was using it, use some intuition though (for example, you only got one extra cast of BL because you have to wait until last phase on Argus). Also Insignia of the Grand Army is a terrible legendary for frost (and you haven't put a gem in it or enchanted it), most damage legendaries will outperform it not just bracers (and helm will sim higher for some people than bracers anyway). Use https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/topgear to try and work out if you can use a better performing legendary, or generally better combination of gear in your bags. Hopefully these tools will help you keep improving your play and gear!

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Looking specifically at Argus, one of your biggest problems seems to just be not understanding the fight and where you should be.

You cancelled almost one-fifth of your spells to move from a mechanic, something that should be near 1/20th instead when using Shimmer. Turn, Shimmer, Turn, keep casting. You don't need to interrupt so many casts. 

Your proc usage is all over the place - you overwrite procs, you waste procs, you let them expire, you don't use Frozen Orb/Ebonbolt enough to generate the procs. When you get a Flurry proc, do the Flurry combo and use it. You're holding on to them for way too long. 

If you're unsure, which by your logs it looks like you are, you should do this for the Flurry combo:

  1. Get a Flurry proc. 
  2. Hardcast Ebonbolt or Frostbolt.
  3. Send the instant Flurry straight after your Frostbolt/Ebon, so that they hit at the same time.
  4. As soon as you can after the Flurry, send an Ice Lance.

Try to download WeakAuras2 or a similar addon to track your cooldowns and procs. You can use wago.io to find strings.

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