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Mmo-champion blizzcon ticket contest

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  • A bunch of thundersticks for cheering and annoying neighbors
  • Stickers!
  • About a dozen koozies for… soda. Yeah.
  • A bunch of buttons
  • Temporary tattoos
  • A set of Blizzard paper toys (Diablo, Raynor, Thrall)
  • A few of the Epic Purple Lanyards
  • About a dozen dice bags
  • 1 instruction sheet (“How to Set Up Your BlizzCon Livestream Party”)
  • And of course a Virtual Ticket code!



Hands down one of the stupidest give-a-ways I've ever seen. I mean come on, this is a MMORPG that is geared towards late teen-late 20s gamers with a good helping of people that are early to late 30s. So what do they put in the box? Temporary tattoos, buttons, and a set of Blizzard paper toys. This box would have been kick ass...15 years ago.


The ticket (that is cheap to start with) is the only thing of any value in the box. The rest goes right in the trash can before anyone shows up and sees how totally lame the party is.

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