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Focus and Vulnerable

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so I finally have the gear to switch from BM to MM (Eonar Myth as BM rly sucks hard...). After reading the guide and doing some research in this forum, I'm still left with a couple of questions regarding focus management and vulnerable.

I have T20 4p and T21 2p. With my current equip I'm at ~24+% haste. Following the guide I should start Marked Shot/Windburst at 45 focus, followed by two Arcanes (three with Windburst) and two Aimed Shots. Would it make more sense to cast one Arcane and three Aimed Shots, if it fits in? (Maybe it's just because I'm not used to legion MM hunter yet, but it seems like it's often possible to cast 1 Arcane + 3 Aimed when I take a look at the Weakaura.) And with LnL proccs I shouldn't cast any Arcanes at all, right?

Didn't touch MM hunter since the beginning of Legion, but as BM drops behind more and more I'll give it a chance, especially for current aoe Myth encounters like Command/Eonar/Hasabel.

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Unless you're using 4pc T21 there's no reason for your haste to be that high, you'd probably want it back around 18% - if you find you end up with the focus more often (as in, able to get 3 aimed shots in, then the instant next vulnerable window you can still get 2 aimed shots off consistently) then go for it. Your 2pc T20 buffs your crit damage by 10% after 2 aimed shots in a row, so if you get a 3rd one consistently in the last <1 second of vulnerable, it hits pretty hard.

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