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Healers - Siege of Orgrimmar

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Good afternoon Icy Veins!


Myself and a few old friends have re-created our guild (on EU-Draenor) and I will be playing on my Restoration Shaman. We haven't done a lot of raiding in Mists of Pandaria (except for me doing 25-man in Tier15) but we're all well experienced players.


My query is this;

  1. Will it be possible to run 2 healers in Siege of Orgrimmar?
  • If 'yes', which co-healer would be ideal for a restoration Shaman?

I'm thinking Discipline Priest, would everyone agree? Our Balance Druid will have a resto off-spec if two healing is proving too difficult as well.


Thanks, George.

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I think that would work out nicely.


As for SoO, yea you should be able to two heal everything on normal.  Some problem fights may include: Malkorok, Thok, Seigecrafter Blackfuse.


Those are the most healing intensive fights on normal

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Just what I wanted to hear, thank you!


I was reluctant to look for a resto druid or holy priest to heal with as they're "heal" classes, so a disco priest would work nicely to cover the mitigation side of healing!


Well as I said, our balance druid is more than capable of going resto if ever we need him!


Thanks for the quick feedback:)

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