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trinkets and T16 bonus

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Hi, i need some advice about how use my warforged seals each week.

Indeed, i have to choose beetween spending all of them to have a trinket or to search for T16 pieces.i am playong destro.


1)if i choose to focus on trinket i will coin on korkron shaman for KTT 553 and on flex for KTT 540 and BBOY 540.

My other trinket is purified bindings of immerseus

i have 530 chaye; 543 yulon, 510 breath of the hydra; 548 cristal, and 530 uvols in bags.


2)if i choose to focus on T16 i will coin for 553 chest; 553 head and essence on garrosh.

I have currently have 555 ilvl and these pieces:

-galakras head 553

-norushen shoulder 553

-protector chest 553

-T16 gloves 553

-crafted legs 553


I don't have any idea about T16 bonus dps value, so what do you think about it?

Is 3 offpieces 553+ 2T16 flex 540 better than 4P T16 but with only one 553 and the others 540?


What's the best beetween chaye 530 and yu lon 543 for destro? (combined with purified bindinds)?

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As long as your ilvl is high I definitely recommend to keep trying for the KTT/BBOY, what is your spec though?

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Ah, not sure how I missed that.  KTT all the way.  It was a sizeable DPS increase for me as GoSac Destruction.  Like..... huge.  Some people have 1500 passive haste on their trinkets; I have passive 400k damage procs off of Chaos Bolt.  Nom nom.

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