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Question about simulating to find which trinket is better

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I recently came back to the game and have done a couple weeks of LFR Antorus now. A couple of days ago I downloaded simulationcraft to figure out if base 915 tier pieces would be worth equipping over my higher item level pieces. I haven't spent a lot of time with it and may not be using it correctly. I looted a Seeping Scourgewing trinket (iLvl 915) from Varimathras yesterday, and I was trying to simulate it compared to my other trinkets. My current trinkets are Convergence of Fates (915) and Faulty Countermeasure (925).

I figured Convergence of Fates and Seeping Scourgewing would be the better two despite the 10 iLvl gap because according to the trinket section they are both in the top 6 slots for single target with Faulty Countermeasure being far down the list.  I thought, okay, let's see what happens if I simulate a 925 Seeping Scourgewing, and got the item/bonus ids off WoWhead. I thought this could be an opportunity to test if my settings are wrong on simulationcraft. I simulated the 925 Seeping Scourgewing/915 Fate of Convergence and it was still lower than the 925 Faulty Countermeasure/915 Fate of Convergence. This raised an eye brow as it didn't resemble the list on the feral guide.

I believe I remember reading that you should simulate things yourself because your character could have different variables. Is this a case of the trinket being better for my character's set up or is it likely my simulation settings are off?

If anyone is interested in simulating it themselves to see their results, my character is Ahuatok on Area 52, so you can import my profile. I'll prove some information to lessen the burden.

Talents: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/game/talent-calculator#druid/feral/talents=2311231

Trinket 1: Convergence of Fates (915) / Trinket 2: Faulty Countermeasure (925) Both are straight from /simc add on command:

Trinket 1: Convergence of Fates (915) / Trinket 2: Seeping Scourgewing (915) Both are straight from /simc add on command:

925 version of Seeping Scourgewing for trinket 2 slot using WoWhead: trinket2=,id=151964,bonus_id=1467/3613

Edit: Another thing I tried was simulating then both at 945 to see if that for some reason had any effect on the results as it was the same item level used in the feral guide. I tried with scaling on and off. As far as I can tell, scaling is just used for getting stat weights. 

Edit2: I tried taking a high ranking feral's profile off warcraftlogs that has 4 piece. I tried with my talent set up. I tried with his talent set up for single target fights. I tried my trinket set ups. I tried equal iLvl 925 Faulty Convergence against a Seeping Scourgewing. I tried his trinket set up, but swapped his 945 Seeping Scourgewing with a 945 Faulty Convergence. Faulty Convergence won every time, so I'm thinking something is set up incorrectly with my SimulationCraft.

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If you're finding trouble with SimC - it might be worth trying the sim with RaidBots? It's a lot easier to setup and a bit less open to messing up.

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