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The tale of a sad Warlock

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Once upon a time ...

... there was a tiny kobold wandering the catacombs.

Some day while he was exploring the outer corners of the labyrinth he met a warlock.

They instantly liked each other and they enjoyed sitting at a camp fire, eating some golbins, elven ears or whatever and they shared a few stories.

After a while the warlock admitted that he is sad and not satisfied with his deck. The kobold listened to the words of the warlock and then telling him he has some ideas which might help.

The kobold began to whisper unbelievably evil plans into the warlocks ear.

And the doom took its course ...

"You start by adding two Voidlords to your deck", the kobold told him. "They are strong, but two are not enough so you better add two Faceless Manipulators to make up to four Voidlords. But don't let us stop here, we can add two more by using Zola the Gorgon and Prince Taldaram. Yes I know what you want to say", the kobold squealed, "the prince is weaker but believe me it's fulfilling its purpose. "Oh no!", the kobold continued, "that's still not enough, you should add the slimy cubes who will eat your Voidlord but then they spit out two of them each. Now you will reach a reasonable number with up to ten of these guys."

"What?" The Kobold asked, "You think it could still be more? You are right, just put that nice Bloodreaver into your deck, it is insane anyway and then if you still feel uncomfortable you should add N'zoth for more of these nice walls."

The warlock thought about the words of the kobold and began to smile.

"Now go and enjoy this I'm sure your mood will be better in no time", the kobold happily said", but take care of all the corpses that will lie around I saw people starving while staring at all these Voidlords.

And before they die they will be the sad and frustrated ones not you my friend."

The kobold smiled jumped a bit, ran around the next corner and was never seen again but the wicked plans he told the worlock will persist.


And they all lived happily everafter...maybe they died but then they got resummoned ... or copied ... or duplicated.

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So bad, that's why I simply concede as soon as I know my opponent plays control warlock. Ofc I could win but it's just a waste of time and no fun to play against ;)

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