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Love is in the Air 2018 (Feb 2 - 16)

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Love is in the Air is back and the event runs through February 16. Check out this year's changes in our updated guide!

New in 2018

Holiday Loot Changes

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Hey all,

A quick update on changes to Holiday Loot with the launch of 'Love is in the Air' today: 

When we changed Holiday dungeons to scale based on a player’s level, we aimed to increase participation in those dungeons. We also wanted to avoid a situation where a player with an army of low-level characters had a better chance at receiving account-wide rewards than a player with one or two max-level characters. At the same time, we didn't want to impact the amount of chances that players who maintain several max-level characters had in previous years.

As a compromise, we made account-wide rewards a random drop for any character capable of participating in current-expansion content. For the remainder of Legion, players level 98 and above fit that criteria. The minimum level requirement will increase again in Battle for Azeroth, and will continue to increase in future expansions.

Don't forget that Fool For LoveFool For Love is required for What a Long, Strange Trip It's BeenWhat a Long, Strange Trip It's Been and Reins of the Violet Proto-DrakeReins of the Violet Proto-Drake. For more information about Love is in the Air, feel free to check out our guide.

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      We're taking another look at a few of the bosses in the Sanctum this week, in addition to our usual overview where Balance seems to be doing really well across all the difficulties and brackets! Let's get right into it.
      Mythic DPS Rankings
      Affliction is still hanging in there after its recent surge, as it loses the second slot to Balance, but remains in the top 3. Arcane is on another one of its frequent upswings, rising 3 into 5th, while Marksmanship has the biggest drop this week, losing 4 and going down to 14th, as Assassination gains those same 4 spots and ends up in 11th.

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      Stormheart Drape Stormheart Gloves Stormheart Cinch Stormheart Legguards Stormheart Headdress Stormheart Jerkin Stormheart Tunic Stormheart Moccasins Stormheart Mantle Stormheart Wristguards Druids can choose between two chest pieces; a full "dress" (Stormheart Tunic) or a chest armor piece with visible leg armor (Stormheart Jerkin).
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    • By Starym
      Hirumaredx is back with another great video focusing on WoW's history, this time covering the life and death of 10-man competitive/maximum difficulty raiding and the lower player-count raid version in general. With the most difficult raiding being 20-man for quite a while now and Blizzard being pretty receptive to feedback, the topic of 10-man maximum difficulty raiding is a very interesting one to bring up, so let's take a look.
      The main point coming across from the video is the fact that 10-man raiding for the hardest difficulty was much more popular than 25-man, as the video goes into the timeline of the addition of 10-man raids, the switch over to Mythic and addition of flex. Hirumaredx also talks about the reasons it was removed, from the balancing difficulty, to the weird raid compositions, the basically hand-me-down raid design, the top guilds not considering it where the real competition was at, how the mode could be brought back and much more.
      It's very much worth a watch if you're even a little interested in WoW history or raiding!
    • By Stan
      Timebound Ruminations is a new item that you can purchase in Oribos to immediately grant your Companion 5,000 experience.
      Patch 9.1.5 introduces a very useful way to catch up on Companion XP if you want to give Covenant Adventures a try or plan on switching to a different Covenant.
      Timebound Ruminations can be purchased from Au'Dara a new Heirloom Vendor near the Flight Master in Oribos and costs 10,000 Reservoir Anima.

      The item can be used on any Companion to grant them 5,000 XP. We tried upgrading Sika (Level 1) and the Companion went up straight to Level 14.

      The item's also Bind-to-Account, meaning you can purchase it on one character and send it to another.
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