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Where's the Rep??

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Ok, so I have a couple of 110 toons and havent played the game for awhile.

With the new races available I thought I'd come back and grab them, at the time not knowing about the faction exalted rep needed to do this.

I'm only Honored or Revered with most of the current factions so I thought I'll just go questing again and do all the quests in each area to get the rep up to exalted.

The Nightborne is ridiculously slow so I gave up on that.

There seems to be a million new Taurens on my server so I thought ok I'll get my rep up there, currently revered with 20k to go to exalted.

After completing each quest that I missed before in Highmountain no rep at all for any completed quests I'm now doing.

If I do a World Quest I get like 75 rep for each of the 4 done and a couple of hundred for competing all 4.

But just regular questing nothing, why is that?

I'm using my Horde toons to do this but from what I've read it doesnt matter if its Horde or Alliance.

If getting rep only from World Quests is the only way to do this then I'll go without the new guys, it'll virtually take forever.

But why isnt there rep for completing quests in Highmountain?

The Suramar quests at least give a little rep.


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Well, your not supposed to be able to grind it in less than a week. It's supposed to be a several week long process that you do passively while doing world quests and emissaries. It sucks for people who skipped this addon, but that's how Blizz decided to do it.

Since you already have several 110's, what I would do is keep an eye out for order hall missions that reward rep tokens. Those are usually BoA. 

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I appreciate its not suppose to be finished in a week but no rep from quest completions in a particular zone seems a little steep.

If you read my post I mentioned very little rep for Nightborne quests but none from Highmountain quests.

None at all.

To do 20k rep from where I'am at revered to exalted using only world quests and emissary quests in Highmountain, when their active, is simply ridiculous.

I think the closer the new expansion gets this might change but for now its just not viable.

We're talking monthes, not days or weeks here, just to play the same classes as a different race.

The Nightborne look great as do the Void Elves but wow its too much of a time sink at this point in time.

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The Nightborne questline is long and was meant to be dragged out over weeks. Luckily, they removed all of the rep gates and even when it says "Achieve Revered with Nightborne" you can go on to the next story. Fully completing their story and the Insurrection questline afterwards gets you tons of rep. Takes awhile, but ultimately the easier of the two now. For Highmountain, the main story quests all gave reputation but quite a bit of the side quests do not. In some of those instances you aren't actually helping the Highmountain so it does sort of make sense, other situations not as much. Other than the questline, it is a grind of world quests and checking your order hall board for missions that award rep tokens that may be bind on account, and then sinking them into the character with the highest rep.

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8 hours ago, Mephisto said:

We're talking monthes, not days or weeks here,

Do the math. You should be able to get 800 rep a day with WQs, and let's say you get a HM emissary (1500 rep) every 10 days, so that's another 150 a day. We also have a week-long event coming up, which will give you 50% extra rep for each WQ + the 10% from the Darkmoon Carousel/Hat.

Even withouth all those bonuses, you should be done by the end of the month.

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Okay, so right now there are 7 WQs for Highmountain up on EU. 5 of those are standard ones, so that's 375, the PvP gives another 75, and the Dungeonquest gives 250. That's 700, 775 if you can do the pet battle. Not quite 800, but you might have some days where you get two or three Wardens quests that reward 150 each.

On NA it's 5 normal quests (375), two PvP quests (150), and a Wardens quest (150), So yes, that's only 675.

Regardless, it's not gonna take you months either way.

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