Heroes Brawl - Lunar Rocket Racing: Feb 8

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Lunar Festival is in full swing and the event introduces an entirely new brawl to the Nexus that's available this week! Are you ready for rocket rocket racing?

We saw a sneak peek of the Lunar Rocket Racing brawl in the latest Lunar Festival video. Heroes will move toward their mouse cursor's location, collecting red envelopes that grant various abilities. The objective is to complete thr race within a time limit. Complete three matches to earn a Lunar Festival Loot Chest.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

There are many ways to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Food, gifts, ceremonies… and strapping saddles onto dangerously fast fireworks!


  • Rocket Riding
    • Heroes will automatically move toward their mouse cursor’s location. You just need to steer!
    • Speed boost pads can be found around the track. Steer over these to make a break for first!
  • Envelope Pickups
    • Blast through the Red Envelopes placed around the track to gain one of three abilities:



A bouncing rocket that will explode on the first enemy it contacts.



Drop a bomb behind you that will stun players upon impact.



Gain Invulnerability and a burst of speed.  

  • Cross the Finish Line
    • Upon the first person completing the race, a 30 second timer starts.
      • The remaining players must cross the finish line within this time to win.
      • If you don't cross the finish line - or you are in last place when all players cross - you lose.


  • Complete three matches of Lunar Rocket Racing to earn a Loot Chest!

Find out more about the Heroes Brawl game mode on our Heroes Brawl site; and as always, you can find more information on this week’s Brawl by clicking the Brawl Info button at the bottom of the play screen when preparing to queue for the Brawl game mode.

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The brawl is currently bugged for the chest reward, playing it is not giving credit towards it, even if you win.

Checked back today (Feb 9th) and it's fixed now.

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This brawl is pretty dumb. After you complete the race, the placement tracking breaks, and it randomly says you came fifth when you came first, or that you came in first, when you came in fourth. It also doesn't matter if you came first, even slightly. You don't even get bonus exp for winning, you can come in 9th and it's exactly the same as if you had come 1st. It's kinda fun to play, but it feels incredibly unrewarding.

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Instead of just saying "Yeah this Event isn't that fun nor engaging", I'll try to leave some helpful feedback.

This event is nothing new and does indeed look like a fun-racer. But it definately lacks something to make it more entertaining. Aside from using boosts and having luck with the really small item-pool, you can't do much during the time you race to the finish. You can, at best, drive on the best line as to not drive ineffective (which is kinda easy since you are relatively slow, can't adjust your speed and these rockets have better drifting than Sonic). While I know we should not expect modes of the likes of a full game in it's respective genre, like Mario Kart, I think this brawl in particular lacks elements that demand the players attention.

While I played the arcade I had the most fun during my second round. And that was because 3 to 4 other people decided to go the other way, camp itemboxes and bombard the racing track with lots of bombs and rockets. I guess many would think that this is rude but I have to say that this was the best thing that could've happened. The more laps passed, the crazier the track became. During the last 2 laps you really had to pull of some tricky, evasive manouvers in order to reach the finish line before the timer ran out.

Other brawls showed a system of increasing difficulty based on the time/progress/stages the players had already passed, which is always a good thing. And I think the absence off such an increase in difficulty is what irritates most of the ones that did not enjoy this mode.

I guess it would've been best to add some obstacles the more laps had passed (based on the status of the lead player). It also would've been nice to either let players exit the boosts sooner or expand the vision instead of taking a gamble. That way you can also take out the items as to decrease the RNG in this mode (even though that is up to personal taste, I pressume). Maybe during the next Lunar Event this mode can be tweaked a bit.

On a side note: sorry if my english is not on par with native speakers. Hadn't had to use it in a while.

Best regards

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I made an account just to respond to this brawl!

Super fun, always challenging and constant action! And different from every other game.

Bonus: You can get 3 wins in like 10 minutes total. And to get the extra gold for winning the game, you have a 90% chance!! (only 10th player gets a defeat). So it is easy and fast gold farming too!

Without a doubt: Lunar Rocket Racing is the BEST HEROES BRAWL EVER!!! <3

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