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...And, lo, even dost thou prowl, like unto the Lacuni doth prowl, nor then shalt thou engage in shrine touchification...

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"Thou shalt not toucheth a shrine if thou wearest Ancient Parthan Defenders;

"Nor even if thou wearest Ancient Ancient Parthan Defenders;

"Nay, nor even if thou wearest Primal Ancient Ancient Parthan Defenders shalt thou toucheth a shrine,

"Nor shalt thou toucheth a shrine if thou wearest the wraps such like a reaper might wear, as he reaps,

"Nor shalt promises of glory tempt thee to toucheth a shrine with thine unclean hands,

"Nor if thine vambraces art sanguinary, red with the blood of thine fallen foes, shalt thou toucherate a shrine,

"Nor if thine arms art guarded in the Warzachian fashion, nay, then shalt thou touchitherate no shrine,

"And, lo, even dost thou prowl, like unto the Lacuni doth prowl, nor then shalt thou engage in shrine touchification,

"But only those whoso weareth the Bracers of the Nemesis shalt dare toucheth a shrine,

"For only then shalt the Nemesis emerge,

"The Nemesis, deemed high amongst the minions of the guardian of the rift,

"The Nemesis, to be destroy't as ever the Nemesis must and shalt be destroy't,

"That the rift guardian shalt appear with all due haste,

"Thou having hath slain his minions,

"That thou shalt seize with thine own hands,

"The Greater Rift Keystones,

"Which thou hath farmethed."

See https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/7xcadj/oc_lr_bracer_etiquette/

Someone replied:

touchification. that's going on my list of words to work into every day conversation (you'd be surprised how often i get the chance to wedge in made up and misappropriated words during the work day)

So I said:

I use words like "touchification" when talking to my eight-year-old, who has an enormous vocabulary consisting of mostly real but also the occasional made-up (by Tolkien, perhaps, or by me--"We hates it!" "See, I think your Nintendo Switch is kind of your Precious." "I think that Junie [the beagle] thiefded your waffle, because she's a thiefer-girl."). So I have to explain, "You know, 'gibbous' is a totally real word for a moon that isn't quite full, but 'thieferator' isn't. I'm sorry, son. Yes, I'm, aware that 'thieferator' is far funnier than 'gibbous,' although 'gibbous' is pretty funny, but I don't make up the rules. So if you tell Mrs. Owens that Fred is a thieferator because he took your marker, you have to understand that there will be ramifications. Now, do you know what ramifications are?"

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