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Hi !

I currently use legendary bracers and Prydaz as my 2 legendaries as frost. Since I seem to be unable to put the new 940 versions in AMR, I was wondering which to upgrade first to 940 ? 

Think it's the bracers, simply for the Strenght increase, but wanted to be sure. 

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I think upgrade priority will be:

In general you'll just want to upgrade the highest stat stick you own that is likely to remain in use (Helm or Legs being the obvious large stat items)

If you have ERW ring, belt or bracers in combination with Helm then it becomes a more difficult decision as all could be used for a long time yet. The helm however is likely to come into it's own with T19 and don't forget the upgrade will NOT change the power of the procs, only the flat item stats.

Obviously the bracers will always be a good scaling item so it's safe to start there.

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