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Curse of Hubris trinket - really?

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So i am currently working on gearing my Blood

dDeathknight, and i just managed to kill Garrosh.

And the item i recievede was "Curse of Hubris"


So, my question is.. Is this even good for a Deathknight tank? 
I am not even sure i understand the idea of putting crit on a sta trinket..

What do you guys think? Use it or throw it in the trash can? 

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It's meant for monks and druids. for both of them Crit is their primary defensive stat.


You can still use it if you're replacing a ToT trinket. Stam is strong for blood DK's, but it's pretty much the weakest of all the tanking trinkets for us this tier.

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Its actually not terrible for a blood dk. especially if you are geared enough to survive the content you are tanking getting a big boost in hp and damage is pretty good.


Its comparitively better for you than inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_19.jpgJuggernaut's Focusing Crystal and inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_20.jpgRook's Unlucky Talisman but not nearly as good as inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_10.jpgVial of Living Corruption Even the scaled down for flex/normal/lfr versions of the trinkets the value is roughly the same.


I'd pick inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_10.jpgVial of Living Corruption over inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_19.jpgJuggernaut's Focusing Crystal because 3% dmg into healing just isn't that good.  You hit for 300k, you'd get healed for 9k, sounds good right?

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