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Hey guys!  This year, I'm doing my first participating event with Extra-Life, an all-day gaming marathon where participants play video games for 25 hours straight and help raise money for children's hospitals all across the country.  The event takes place Saturday, November 2nd at 8am and lasts until 8am Sunday, November 3.  I'm going to be doing my part in hosting/leading/streaming 25 hours of raiding!  Yours truly will be putting together raid groups of all types, sizes, and purposes just for the sake of raiding and raising money for the kids who really deserve it.  These little guys and gals have had some bad odds tossed their's up to us to help them even the odds out.


Do your part!  You can join my team here:


OpenRaid sign up:


Or, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN TEAM!  Support a hospital local to you...whatever you do, you have a week to set up and get ready to rock out and game FOR 25 HOURS STRAIGHT! 


Remember, every little bit counts, and just $5 from 1000 people will help me achieve my goal of $5000.  Last year, Extra Life raised over $2,000,000!  Let's help them exceed this goal.  Note that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of donations go directly to the hospitals!  LET'S MAKE THIS AWESOME!!!

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