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Trinket Procs and Dots vs. MB and Insanity

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I know it's best to prioritize orb generating spells over MF: I and refreshing DoTs. My question is when you get a big haste or Intellect proc from trinkets or Lust and DoTs need to be refreshed during an important time like MF:I or MB off CD, should I prioritize refreshing the DoTs? I've run into situations where a good proc is about over and I have a decision between casting MF:I or MB or renewing a buffed up VT and SW:P. I can't tell if I'm hurting or helping my dps. 



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if you get tempest repit you may want to refresh pain for more di, but if you have time to stand still, get some insanity in. i tried FDCL recently and it is actually pretty viable even single tar once you get 17k+ haste, and it makes you way more mobile.


actually on fights with a ton of adds, you get more fdcl than you can spend and youd never have time to truly aoe, so i want to try mindbender for galakras, but havent gotten a chance yet.

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It depends, if the new DoT's will just a lil bit stronger then get the full durration of MF:I, but if they a lot stronger then refresh and sacrifice the few seconds of MF:I to do it. As for mind blast use it on cd/proc period.


If you don't use addon's to track your dot strengths then I would suggest getting,

http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/affdots and http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/affdotspriest


Pretty easy to set up and use too.


 once you get 17k+ haste

There is really no need to go past the 14k BP, that 3k haste would be better spent into mastery/crit, and the next bp is 18k for just 1 more tick of VT not that big of a dps increase.


FDCL is still behind Insanity for single target, as for aoe FDCL should only be used when adds aren't stacked, like spoils in SoO,

For galakras you should still use MF:I and DI, since certain mobs need to be burned down quicker than others, ie shaman's. and MS as a filler as long as the tanks are keeping them stacked right.

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