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Ilvl 956 Fury Warrior but low dps

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Hi all, 

I'm pretty new to fury warrior but I've read a lot of guides about rotation and gears (mostly from Kelade). I've got the BIS for legendaries and other items as well. I used raidbots to sim my character and it said that I can average about 1.6 million dps. However in actual fights, I'm barely maintaing 1.1-1.2 million dps (sometimes only 990k). I am certain my rotation is correct and my stat priority seems decent as well. 

I currently have:




As for my rotation: Currently using inner rage because i only have 2 set piece 

Battlecry window:

Charge--> Avatar+Battlecry-->RP-->Odyn's-->RG-->BT--RP 

Outside Battlecry window:

Priority - Bloodthirst to get rage 

Raging blow 

Furious slash (filler)

100 rage then RP 

Then Raging blow while enraged


here is my character:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/31378754 (Some information does not match what my in-game character is using)

I do not understand where my problem is - coul;d anyone help me out? 


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Ahoy there, may i suggest running your logs trough wowanalyzer? https://wowanalyzer.com/report/bFL6r3n7kWMNPVqH/5-Heroic+Portal+Keeper+Hasabel+-+Kill+(8:19)/10-Postiier
Seems that youre having a lot of downtime in fights and as important, not utilizing frothing berzerker, by being a bit early on your rampage casts, hence not ragecapping first. That one mistake totals to an 8% dps loss..

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I've asked for help with these guys recently as well, and what they've told me has really helped my damage. Do you have any recent logs? The last ones I see from you were from Feb.10.


I can definitely say that I'm no expert, so the other guys are better than me, but from what they told me, I can see that your rotation is slightly off.


During enrage you should always prioritize using BT over RB. Basically, throughout your rotation you want to keep BT on CD. Looking through your a log from Feb. 10, you are prioritizing RB over BT during enrage, which it should in fact be the opposite.

Rampage should be your top damaging ability, not RB.

What are you doing for your execute phase? On your older logs you don't seem to be using it much

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Hi. I can provide a little insight but can't go into deep depth on improvements. Can't say I'm an expert but I shall try.

1. First thing I noticed is you are running a wrong talent. Inner rage is no longer the go-to talent for raiding. This was changed this tier for whatever reasons. Bloodbath should perform better. This will henceforth change your rotation. Raging blow would only be castable during enrage from CRIT bloodthirst or after rampage. With this change, at first, you should always use BT on cooldown until you get used to it. Once you have you can prioritize between BT and RB for rage production to gain 100% rage to use Rampage. Always use rampage at 100% rage.

2. You definitely should fill that 4pc tier 21 set even if the 4th pc is a lower Ilvl. Even a raid finder ilvl 915 4th pc would be greater than a 960 I believe. Don't quote me on it but 4pc does provide a significant increase in dps.

3. I'm not to sure about this but your trinkets don't look very ideal for fury. You should find replacements. You need to go do some research to find better ones. The proc stats + crit may sound nice but as a fury, anything that provides crit is usually underwhelming as our major dps cooldown provides 100% crit, thus causing any crit on hand null, and this is where majority of our dps is dealt. I can provide the BIS ones here for you but these are very hard to attain and thus I recommend you look for alternatives as well. These trinkets are

Convergence of fates is almost BIS under any circumstances for fury at any ilvl. The bonus is ridiculous for fury. Drops off Elisande in Nighthold (2 tier raid old)

Khaz'goroth's Courage off Argus. This depends on ilvl, and because it is such an easy trinket to boost to above max ilvl, it is very strong. Can reach 1000 ilvl easily but hard to attain the trinket itself, so I've heard.

4. This is from personal preference and experience but the stats priority I have and try to attain are, Haste 20-25% > mastery > Vers > haste. This tier seems to favor mastery a lot more and hence the low haste breakpoint. I would recommend trying Raidbots.com where it provides simulations for your character and has an option to compare gear sets. I go there everytime I get an item thats got higher ilvl than current gear but with mediocre secondary stats to compare.


Hope this helps and GL. PS. Icyveins has also updated their class guides for current patch / tier expansion. Fury has changed a bit, from previous patch / tier. I would recommend you to take a look at it.

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