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5.4 Arcane - request for fine-tuning assistance

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I'm looking for fine-tuning suggestions for my mage.  I play Arcane, ilvl 556, 7/14 SoO.


Big question:  am I missing a key element in my rotation or some other mechanic?  Or, does it look like I have the basics and simply need more practice? 


I'm not comfortable with the rotation.  It feels like I'm leaving extra DPS on the table, especially I've got to move to avoid damage.  While my ilvl is highest in my raid group, my DPS and overall damage isn't.  (.. and it should be, dammit! ;-)  


Details and links:


I regularly gem and reforge using "optimal" AskMrRobot suggestions and the AMR default weights for arcane.  I've used Simcraft in the past but my recent fights have been geared using AMR default weights.  


My rotation follows IcyVeins arcane mage guide.  Most of my spells are macroed per the icy-veins guide.  I use ElvUI and my major rotation spells/macros are assigned to keys 2-6 on the keyboard (blast macro->2, barrage->3, missles macro-4, bomb w/ mouseover macro->5, rune->6).  I change my bombs and other talents in between fights per IcyVeins raid encounter suggestions.


I track the major arcane mage cooldowns by depending heavily on the weak aura macro group created by Reilus for arcane mage rotation:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlEDXA2QOmE    (best weak aura group I've seen so far!)



Log of recent fight with General Nazgrim:



WowProgress character screen:



WorldOfWarcraft character screen:



Thanks for any tips or tricks!


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If you request fine tuning, this fight will not be the most ideal for that. You had to move a lot out of your rune, so its uptime is very low.


You had targets on which you didn't apply mage bomb, making the living bomb uptime inaccurate.


However, you are missing engineering tinker on your gloves which is a big DPS loss.


A Malkorok log would be the best or a sha of pride.

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