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Void Eruption?

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Hey guys, havent played a Priest since WotLK when I had a disc priest so thought I'd start a new one up as Shadow.

Still leveling, 28 at the moment, and not really getting the point of Void Eruption at such an early stage.

Its virtually gone as you get it.

Until you hit level 60 and get Lingering Insanity and Legacy of the Void at level 100 I dont really think its beneficial.

At this early stage its only good for a few casts before its diminished.

Have I got this right or am I looking at it the wrong way and doing something wrong?

From what I've read you want to stay in Voidform for as long as possible but I'm assuming thats at an end game perspective.


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you can literally oneshot 7-8 mobs at a time with just putting SW:P on them and popping Void Eruption, it's your bread and butter as you level, if you don't understand how and why, maybe consider actually reading on the spell in your spellbook?

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The point is the damage it does when you initially cast it. You can easily dot 4-6 Targets and with then full insanity, you can cast Erruption to kill a lot of mobs in a short time. The following voidform afterwards doesnt really affect you through the whole leveling process. It will only be relevant for Big HP named mobs. On the rest you just want it for the initial AoE Burst.


Just leveled a shadow and maxed it yesterday, so i get where you're coming from.

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